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The Future of Web3.

Braintrust Technology Foundation
Braintrust Technology Foundation

Contributor to Braintrust, the first decentralized talent network.

Decentralization is the future, and you on Braintrust are already living in it.


That’s abundantly clear after a riveting discussion led by Braintrust Co-Founders Adam Jackson and Gabe Luna-Ostaseski. In a recent Twitter AMA, the pair were joined by three of Braintrust’s backers, who are some of the greatest minds thinking about decentralization today: Volt Capital founder Soona Amhaz, Variant Fund investor Jesse Walden, and Atelier Ventures founder Li Jin, who recently merged her firm with Variant Fund.

After decades of experience building traditional web-enabled marketplaces, Adam and Gabe became convinced there was a better way. A way that better served the interests of top Talent and enterprises alike, not just middlemen network operators and anonymous investors.

That better way is made possible by the emergence of Web3 technologies, such as crypto, which allow ownership of the online platforms we use to be more equitably distributed to the people who bring value to them.

During the Twitter AMA, the five crypto enthusiasts discussed the future of Web3 networks like Braintrust, and what makes them different from outdated, extractive Web2 models.

Read on for some of the key insights from that illuminating conversation. And if you want to stay updated on this and other topics, subscribe to the Braintrust newsletter.

1. What’s the difference between Web2 and Web3?



2. What makes something a Web3 network?



3. What are some examples of Web3 networks you’re watching?


4. Why will Web3 networks grow faster and be more valuable to their users than Web2 networks?




5. What will happen to Web2 networks?



6. Which industry or sector will Web3 disrupt the most?



7. Will all marketplaces someday be owned by their users?


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