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How it works — Enterprise

You have great ideas.

But there's
a problem...

—They could be pretty big, actually. The funding is there. People are excited. Now you just need to source, vet, and hire the technical talent to make those ideas a reality.

But there's
a problem...

  • Hiring top talent is expensive.
  • Your deadline is fast-approaching.
  • The hiring process is complicated.
  • Vetting talent is time-consuming.
  • Your competition isn’t letting up.
  • You need talent you can count on.

Braintrust gives you everything you need to find, hire, and manage top technical talent without the hassle. And for a fraction of the cost of agencies.

Get matched to Talent
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Hire the best technical talent

We know how important quality talent is. That’s why we only accept the top 1% of talent–so that you can spend less time vetting and more time innovating.

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Get expertly matched

We don’t just give you access to a pool of talent. Our experts find and match you with the talent that’s right for you and your project.

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Protect your budget

Agencies mark up talent 60-70%. At Braintrust, we charge you a flat 10% which means you can stretch your budget further.

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Make compliance easy

Our easy-to-use platform makes it easy for you to manage compliance, invoicing, and payments with the click of a button.

It's easy to get started.


Post a job

Let us help you publish your job posting–free of charge.


Amina Altaf

Product Marketing

Arvada, US



Hires Talent

Kelly Lamano

Multimedia Storyteller

Orlando, US



Hires Talent

Review candidates

Get matched with talent in
48 hours or less.


Get to work

Use Braintrust to simplify on-boarding, invoicing, & compliance.


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Find out how top enterprises use Braintrust to hire teams.

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San Francisco, US


25 hrs/wk

Doris Hernandez

Tegucigalpa, HN


40 hrs/wk

Make your remote team 4x more productive.