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For Enterprises

A Model That Matters For Enterprises

Braintrust enables organizations to source highly skilled, vetted technical and design talent from around the globe. We cut out expensive middlemen and redistribute value so you can drive innovation faster and stretch budgets further.

How it Works

Step 1
Design Your Vision

Our dedicated project managers will help refine your project requirements and set you up for success.

Step 2
Review Your Team

Braintrust matches you with talent based on verified reputations, work history and skills fit.

Step 3
Start Building

You work directly with the talent and we handle all the administrative work.

How Enterprises Use Braintrust

Hire individuals

  • You have...

    A team, but you’re missing critical skill sets needed for your project.

  • You need...

    Someone with tech skills that your team is lacking.

  • Why Braintrust?

    We’ll match you to individual talent that will work seamlessly with your existing team.

Hire Teams

  • You have...

    A product or project but you’re missing a team to bring it to market.

  • You need...

    Help getting a product or project off the ground.

  • Why Braintrust?

    We’ll match you to an entire team of talent—covering software development, design, project management, and more.

Get Fully Managed Projects

  • You have...

    A bold vision, but you need support—from ideation to discovery to product launch.

  • You need...

    Full support to execute through every step of the project.

  • Why Braintrust?

    We’ll pair you with a complete team, and ensure you have the full support you need at every step of the way.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

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“I run our IT innovation efforts out of San Francisco and one of the challenges we have is finding highly skilled tech talent to help us build concepts, tests and new IT products and services.

Before Braintrust we’d have open recs aging away on our job board, now we are able to plug into highly skilled talent immediately and get them deployed on critical projects. It’s remarkable how easy they make it.”

Goran Kukic Chief Innovation Officer, Nestlé

IDEO CoLab (Grey)

“We're thrilled to partner with Braintrust and CoLab's members on a tangible initiative to shape the future of work.

Together we can help companies work with flexible, digital workforces and solve important problems for the growing freelancer economy.”

Ian Lee Managing Director, IDEO CoLab Ventures

Blue Cross Blue Shield

“People might not always perceive healthcare companies as innovation hubs, and yet it is absolutely imperative to make impactful changes in the future of health care. 

Plugging Braintrust into our innovation process has enabled us to scale up highly skilled and hard-to-hire teams very quickly and their unique business model lets our budget go twice as far, twice as fast."

Tim Berendt Director of Innovation, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) MA

Meet Some of Our Talent

Our unique network is controlled by talent, so they’re aligned to help you solve challenging problems.

Muwuso Mkochi

Product Designer (UX/UI)

Patryk Pawłowski

Product Designer, Product Developer

Sameep Shep

Software Engineer, Product Owner

Elham Ali

Technical Project + Product Manager

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