Braintrust: a new model for how work gets done

Today, all organizations are being forced to act and innovate at the speed of tech companies and that means outsourcing big software initiatives more effectively. Unfortunately, the way that is done today involves hefty markups, little transparency and misaligned incentives with rent-seeking middlemen. We believe the future of building sophisticated tech involves leveraging elite, global teams that can be assembled quickly and transparently all with white glove service.


Experienced technical project managers run every project from beginning to end


Keep the 50% margin that others charge and reinvest the savings into your business

100% Aligned

Braintrust technical architects ensure that everyone is on the same page and operating in 2 week agile sprints


Find talent that matches your project's needs and your company's culture

Braintrust is a marketplace that connects organizations directly to top tech talent, offering 40-70% savings by removing middlemen. Talent keeps 100% of their revenue. We help organizations source talent that matches their needs and helps them keep pace with innovation.





Braintrust is currently onboarding large organizations around the world that are aligned with our values and that need large, sophisticated projects built. Throughout the remainder of 2019, we will be vetting and matching these organizations with our elite group of product developers we call the “Founding 500”. If you have years of experience designing, building and shipping sophisticated products, please apply now to join and help us serve these clients.


Pay no fees


find & win jobs more easily

KEEP 100%

Work on big, exciting, ongoing projects


Earn a fair rate, no matter where you live


Own your reputation

the actual network itself


IDEO partners with Braintrust to get cutting edge software initiatives off the ground

"We're thrilled to partner with Braintrust and CoLab's members on a tangible initiative to shape the future of work. Together we can help companies work with flexible, digital workforces and solve important problems for the growing freelancer economy."

Ian Lee, Managing Director, IDEO CoLab Ventures

How It Works

We know that it can be frustrating to try and work with staffing agencies and outsourced development shops so we’ve designed one platform to simplify your experience. When you work with Braintrust you’ll have a dedicated technical project manager, full transparency into the verified work histories of your team and see the progress of your projects all in one place.

Every project gets a dedicated technical project manager to refine your requirements and ensure you’re set up for success


We ensure you’re matched with the right talent based on verified reputation, work history and culture fit



Professionally managed agile sprints by your project manager. Have clear visibility into progress every step of the way

Complete this form and we will be in touch to setup time to discuss your needs. We are currently in private, invite-only beta and can only accept projects that fit our current talent pool. If for any reason we cannot accommodate you immediately, we will refer you to someone who can. If you’re building a larger, sophisticated software project, chances are we can help!

December, 2018

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