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Client success stories


Speed to Hire 

Braintrust helped McKinsey fill 46 positions in 3 months, with an average time of 24 hours to present and 3 days to fill.

Deloitte 170x37

An Ongoing Partnership 

Deloitte started working with Braintrust to quickly find staff for their clients’ projects, but saw the benefits and now use Braintrust to staff internal teams and their critical hires.

Guardian Logo Color

A Team of Rockstars

Guardian Life needed high caliber product managers and engineers to support their incubator projects. Braintrust helped them hire over 20 rockstars in 18 months.

Airbnb logo 170x53

Building New Tools

Airbnb had 4 months to build a new tool that would impact millions of their users. Braintrust cut their hiring time down from 3 months to 3 weeks so they could get started on schedule.


Designing a Roadmap

Expedia had an ambitious roadmap in 2022, but needed design talent. Braintrust trimmed hiring time to 2-4 weeks, and helped them hire 12 designers in under 6 months.


Thinkers & Builders

When onboarding talent, YouTube’s internal process is long and difficult. With Braintrust, YouTube was able to onboard 15+ creators in days and leverage easy invoicing & payments.

Wayfair black

Breaking It Down

Wayfair used to spend 2-3 months to fill a role. With Braintrust, they cut hiring time down to an average of 2 weeks and hired nearly 20 high quality talent across multiple teams.


Power Plays

Nike’s innovation team needed to turn complex consumer insights into design displays. Braintrust helped them hire a designer with 15 years experience in under 3 weeks.


Experienced Talent

Albertsons needed senior designers, and fast. Through Braintrust, they quickly found principal-level product designers and UX content strategists to help lead and guide their design team.


Redesigning a Product

First Republic Bank struggled to hire talent for their product redesign. Braintrust helped them find 5 high caliber designers and cut hiring times to under 4 weeks.

Goldman Sachs black

Engineering a Team

Goldman Sachs’ traditional hiring methods couldn’t staff up their engineering teams during the pandemic. With Braintrust, they hired 7 mobile and back end engineers in record time.

achieve logo

Digitizing an Experience

Achieve (previously Freedom Financial) wanted to create a digital-first experience for their clients, but didn’t have the support. Braintrust helped them make 23 critical design and engineering hires while cutting their agency costs down significantly.

Principal logo 170x49

A Top Caliber Product Team

Principal’s venture team wanted product managers and designers to support their projects. With Braintrust, they attracted and hired top caliber talent in a matter of weeks.

HuntClub Logo

Expanding the Circle 

Hunt Club struggled to find engineering talent. Braintrust helped them hire 6 engineers in 4 months, and love having access to great talent not in their current network.

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"Braintrust aligns incentives between customers and clients to ensure high quality service. Braintrust has been a critical partner in scaling our business globally, helping us deliver increasing value to our customers and workers around the globe."

Stacy Brown-Philpot


"With Braintrust, we've brought in top talent faster than we would've been able to do on our own. Braintrust has enabled us to up-level our existing team's skills, all while saving 40% compared to other IT vendors."

Wade Halsey
Wade Halsey, 

Director, Marketing Sales and E-Business

"Braintrust has built a really cool model for connecting enterprises to skilled developers. Braintrust creates efficiencies and solves real enterprise challenges like talent gaps. We’ve found them to be invaluable partner in finding hard to hire skills that we need."

Dana Duncan-1
Dana Duncan

Crowdsourcing Digital Project Manager

"When we were looking to innovate with new technology, we needed to find the right blend of trustworthy, vetted talent and reasonable hourly rates. Braintrust’s matching engine made it easy to plug in a world-class team that helps us execute like a big tech company."

Jad Dunning,

Managing Partner

Grow your team, innovate faster, and beat the competition with Braintrust.