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The Ownership Economy

The way we work is broken. In fact, it’s been broken for a long time now. We’d hoped the advent of online hiring marketplaces would usher in a new era of worker autonomy and abundance, but the economics didn’t pan out. A few wealthy people became even wealthier, and the average worker is still scrambling to make a living.

But we believe there's a better way to think about work—a model that benefits talent and enterprise alike. At Braintrust, our decentralized talent network is built on the belief that everyone should be treated fairly. Fees should be transparent. Incentives should be aligned. And the huge percentages taken by middlemen should be a thing of the past.

This new model is uniquely enabled by blockchain technology and the BTRST token.

Meet the leadership team

Creating the future of work.

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Adam Jackson

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Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski

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Anne Muscarella

Chief of Staff
SamanthaWu (1)

Samantha Wu

Chief Marketing Officer

Grady Gardner

VP Sales & Expansion

Elena Luneva


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