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Enterprise Resource Center.

Educational guides and resources to help businesses successfully leverage distributed teams.


Distributed Innovation Playbook



Harvard Business School Professor Chris Stanton shares how Braintrust could change the way the world thinks about work, hiring,..

Understand the trends impacting how organizations attract, collaborate with and retain top talent, and how to access elite talent..

Explore real-world insights and recommendations from James Everingham—Head of Engineering at Calibra (Facebook)—who recently..

GitLab's Head of Remote Darren Murph offers specific tactics, philosophies and recommendations to help businesses successfully..

This session looks across the new landscape of creative work to examine the future of teamwork, leadership, and the role of..

Discover how to transform your existing team into WFH ninjas, tips for hiring and enabling remote talent, and techniques to..

The future is remote. Hear from leaders at Automattic, IDEO CoLab and others about how the labor market, distributed work and a..


This step-by-step guide explains how to identify skill gaps on your team, source highly-skilled freelance talent to fill these..

Learn how leaders from NASA, Facebook, Accenture, Deloitte, SAP, IDEO and more are planning for the future — and leveraging elite..

This guide is designed to help businesses leverage proven practices, tactics and processes from today’s virtual leaders to not..


Adding remote talent to your team? This plug-and-play checklist template can help you create a standard and repeatable onboarding..

Success Kits

Join hundreds of leading innovators and discover how to simplify the onboarding process and integrate remote teams so that you..

Talent Resource Center.

Content and workshops designed to enable freelancer growth and success.


Harvard Business School Professor Chris Stanton shares how Braintrust could change the way the world thinks about work, hiring,..

In this roundtable, Christopher Pruijsen will be leading the discussion on building a steady freelance pipeline. Christopher..

You are unique in your skills, capabilities and experience. How do you help clients see that you are not so easily replaceable by..

In this InVision Talk, Jay Hoffman from InVision's Customer Success Team will introduce real-life tactics to help you ensure your..


Learn how to ace your client interviews with this hands-on training session lead by VP Community Shirley Yang.

Marketing and social expert Vix Reitano discusses how freelancers can bolster their brand as COVID-19 makes remote work a widely..

Learn best practices and analyze trends about how customers engage with your business and brand online, then turn them into..

Braintrust VP Community Shirley Yang hosts a hands-on interview training session.

Discover the latest features and enhancements to Braintrust talent profiles—designed to help talent showcase their skills and win..

When a client comes rushing to get their website up and running, they often forget about something crucial: what do their users..

Sales is essential to ANY business, whether you’re selling traditional products or offering digital services. Learn how to..


How to ensure your next freelance project is a good fit for culture, communication, and payments.

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