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Monday, August 3th

Ep. 4: The Future of Distributed and Open Source

Today’s guest is the founding developer of WordPress, the open-source software used by over 35% of the web. Matt is also the CEO of Automattic, which is now the force behind WordPress.com, Jetpack, and many other products.

Matt has built a 1200-person company with no offices and with employees scattered across 68 countries. We’re really excited to talk to him today about the distributed teams, the future of work, and the opensource movement.

Monday, July 27th

Ep. 3: Compound Founder Robert Leshner on The Power of Ownership and Cryptonetworks

We welcome Robert Leshner, Founder and CEO of Compound to the podcast. Compound is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol built for developers, to unlock a universe of open financial applications. Founded in 2017, Compound is the largest decentralized lender. Adam, Gabe, and Robert discuss the power of ownership and cryptonetworks, programmed incentives, tokenized networks, and how blockchain is the future of global business. We hope you enjoy the show and make sure to follow Braintrust on all social platforms for more awesome future of work content!

Monday, July 27th

Ep. 2: TaskRabbit CEO Stacy Brown-Philpot on The Ethics of Marketplaces and Gig Economies

Today's guest is Stacy Brown-Philpot who currently serves as the CEO of TaskRabbit, a marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks. In this in-depth discussion, we cover the future of marketplaces and the ethics of the gig economy. Stacy is also on the board of HP and Nordstrom, and most recently was announced as a founding member of Softbank’s $100M Opportunity Growth Fund dedicated to investing in black and minority-owned businesses. Prior to joining TaskRabbit in 2013, Stacy spent nearly 10 years at Google, and before that, PwC and Goldman Sachs. Enjoy the podcast, and make sure to follow Braintrust across all platforms!

Monday, July 27th

Ep. 1: Joseph Fuller - Professor at Harvard Business School

As COVID is ravaging across the globe, companies in every industry are faced with shifting the way they build and deliver value. In our season premiere episode, we welcome Joseph Fuller, Professor of Management at Harvard Business School. During our discussion, we cover hot topics like which business trends have been accelerated by COVID, the attributes of companies that will be winners and losers in the future of work, and the emergence of marketplaces and platforms that match talent and clients.
Joseph is also the leader of the Harvard University’s Future of Work initiative and co-host of the podcast Managing the Future of Work. A 1981 graduate of HBS himself, he is currently researching the evolution of the role of the CEOs and the C-suite in public companies.