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How you hire Top Illustrators at Braintrust


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How to hire Top Illustrators


Hiring a top Illustrator involves several key considerations, including evaluating technical proficiency, relevant experience, problem-solving abilities, understanding of design principles, proficiency in design software, experience with different mediums, the ability to stay updated with trends in the field, and strong communication and teamwork skills. The context of your organization – whether a startup or a large company – could shape the hiring process and the specific traits you look for in an Illustrator. In a startup, the Illustrator might need to wear many hats, dealing with tasks ranging from creating logos and branding to designing marketing materials. They might also need to be more innovative and comfortable with risk, given that startups often operate in new areas and face significant uncertainty. On the other hand, in a larger company, the role of an Illustrator might be more specialized, focusing on a specific aspect of the design workflow. They would also need to navigate and conform to more complex organizational structures and procedures. The decision between hiring full-time or on an hourly basis depends on your organization's needs. A full-time Illustrator could provide stability and a consistent focus on your company's projects, and they might be more invested in the organization's long-term success. However, this comes with higher costs, including benefits and overheads, and it might require a longer-term commitment to certain projects or technologies. Conversely, hiring an Illustrator on an hourly basis could provide more flexibility, allowing you to scale up or down based on project needs, and it might be more cost-effective if you only need design expertise for a specific project or a limited period. However, hourly Illustrators might be juggling multiple clients or projects, which could impact their availability and focus. It might also be more challenging to build long-term capabilities or retain knowledge within your organization. When hiring an Illustrator, consider not only their technical skills and experience but also their fit with your organization's culture and values. Look for candidates who demonstrate creativity, adaptability, and a passion for design, given the rapidly evolving nature of the industry. Finally, remember that successful design projects often involve interdisciplinary teams and diverse skills, so consider how the Illustrator will fit with the rest of your team and how they can complement existing skills and capabilities.

Technical Expertise

When hiring an Illustrator, it is crucial to find a candidate with strong technical expertise. This is because an Illustrator's job requires them to use various software and tools to create high-quality designs. The candidate should have a strong understanding of design principles, color theory, and typography. They should also be proficient in using software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Additionally, they should have experience with digital illustration, vector graphics, and image manipulation. A candidate with strong technical expertise will be able to produce designs efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your company's visual communication is of the highest quality.

Education and Relevant Experience

When hiring an Illustrator, it is important to look for candidates who have a strong educational background or relevant experience in the field. A degree in graphic design, fine arts, or a related field can provide a solid foundation in the principles of design, color theory, and composition. Additionally, candidates with experience in creating illustrations for various mediums such as print, digital, and animation can demonstrate their versatility and adaptability. Look for candidates who have a strong portfolio showcasing their skills and creativity, as well as the ability to work collaboratively with other members of a creative team. Finally, candidates who are proficient in industry-standard software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop can hit the ground running and contribute to the success of your organization from day one.


When hiring an Illustrator, it is important to find someone with creativity because creativity is the foundation of their work. An Illustrator with creativity can bring a unique perspective to a project, creating illustrations that are not only visually appealing but also convey the intended message effectively. They can come up with innovative ideas and solutions to design challenges, making the final product stand out from the rest. A creative Illustrator can also adapt to different styles and mediums, making them versatile and able to work on a variety of projects. Ultimately, finding an Illustrator with creativity can lead to a successful collaboration and a final product that exceeds expectations.

Visual Storytelling Skills

When hiring an Illustrator, it is important to find someone with visual storytelling skills because they have the ability to convey a message or story through their artwork. Visual storytelling is a powerful tool that can capture the attention of an audience and communicate complex ideas in a simple and engaging way. An Illustrator with strong visual storytelling skills can create illustrations that not only look beautiful but also effectively communicate the intended message. They can use their creativity and imagination to bring a story to life and make it more relatable to the audience. This is especially important in fields such as advertising, publishing, and entertainment where the goal is to capture the attention of the audience and leave a lasting impression. Therefore, finding an Illustrator with visual storytelling skills is crucial for creating impactful and memorable illustrations.

Illustration Software Proficiency

When hiring for an Illustrator, it is crucial to find someone with Illustration Software Proficiency. This is because Illustration Software is the primary tool used by Illustrators to create their artwork. Without proficiency in this software, an Illustrator may struggle to create high-quality illustrations that meet the client's expectations. Additionally, proficiency in Illustration Software allows an Illustrator to work more efficiently, saving time and money for both the client and the Illustrator. It also enables the Illustrator to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry, ensuring that their work remains relevant and competitive. Overall, finding someone with Illustration Software Proficiency is essential for any business or individual looking to hire an Illustrator who can produce high-quality work efficiently and effectively.

Creative Conceptualization

When hiring an Illustrator, it is important to find someone with creative conceptualization skills. This is because an illustrator with strong conceptualization skills can take an idea or concept and turn it into a visually appealing and engaging illustration. They can bring a unique perspective to the project and create illustrations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also convey the intended message effectively. A skilled Illustrator with strong conceptualization skills can also help to develop the overall visual style of a project, ensuring that all illustrations are consistent and cohesive. Ultimately, finding an Illustrator with creative conceptualization skills can make a significant difference in the success of a project, as they can bring a fresh and innovative approach to the illustrations.

Ability to Stay Updated

It's important to consider the skill of staying updated when looking for an Illustrator. In today's fast-paced world, trends and technologies are constantly changing, and it's crucial for an illustrator to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their field. This skill allows them to create fresh and innovative designs that appeal to modern audiences. Additionally, staying updated helps Illustrators to remain competitive in the industry and stay ahead of their peers. By continuously learning and adapting to new techniques and tools, an Illustrator can produce high-quality work that meets the needs of their clients. Therefore, the ability to stay updated is a valuable skill that can greatly benefit an Illustrator's career and contribute to the success of your company.

Communication and Teamwork Skills

It's important to consider the communication and teamwork skills of an Illustrator. These skills are crucial for ensuring that the Illustrator can effectively collaborate with other team members, such as art directors, designers, and writers, to bring a project to life. Strong communication skills allow the illustrator to clearly convey their ideas and receive feedback from others, while teamwork skills enable them to work effectively with others towards a common goal. Without these skills, an Illustrator may struggle to work effectively in a team environment, leading to delays, miscommunications, and ultimately, a subpar final product. Therefore, it's essential to prioritize these skills when evaluating potential candidates for an Illustrator position.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire an Illustrator?

The cost of hiring an Illustrator can vary depending on several factors such as their experience, skill level, the complexity of the project, the type of illustration required, and the duration of the project. Some illustrators may charge an hourly rate, while others may charge a flat fee for the entire project. It's best to research and compare rates from different Illustrators to find one that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Where can I hire an Illustrator?

There are several places where you can hire an illustrator: 1. Freelance websites such as Braintrust and Freelancer 2. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where you can search for illustrators and contact them directly 3. Professional organizations such as the Society of Illustrators and the Association of Illustrators, which have directories of their members 4. Referrals from friends, colleagues, or other professionals in your industry.

How do I recruit an Illustrator?

1. Define your project: Before recruiting an illustrator, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Define your project, including the scope, timeline, and budget. 2. Determine your style: Consider the style of illustration that would best suit your project. Look for examples of illustrations that you like and share them with potential illustrators. 3. Search for illustrators: There are many ways to find illustrators, including online directories, social media, and referrals from colleagues. Look for illustrators who have experience in your industry or with similar projects. 4. Review portfolios: Once you have a list of potential illustrators, review their portfolios to see if their style matches your project. Look for versatility, creativity, and attention to detail. 5. Contact potential illustrators: Reach out to potential illustrators and provide them with a brief overview of your project. Ask for a quote and timeline for completion. 6. Discuss the project: Once you have received quotes from potential illustrators, schedule a call or meeting to discuss the project in more detail. This is an opportunity to ask questions and ensure that the illustrator understands your vision. 7. Hire the illustrator: Once you have found an illustrator who meets your requirements, sign a contract and provide a deposit. This will ensure that the illustrator is committed to the project and will deliver the work on time.

How much does an Illustrator charge per hour?

The average hourly rate for an illustrator varies depending on their experience, location, and the type of project. Generally, freelance illustrators charge between $25 to $150 per hour. Some may charge a flat fee for a project instead of an hourly rate.

Is it hard to find good Illustrators?

It can be challenging to find good illustrators as it requires a combination of artistic talent, technical skills, and creativity. Additionally, finding an illustrator who can understand and interpret the client's vision and bring it to life can be a daunting task. However, with the advent of online platforms and social media, it has become easier to find and connect with talented illustrators from all over the world.

What type of work do Illustrators generally do?

Illustrators generally create visual representations of ideas, concepts, or stories through various mediums such as drawing, painting, digital art, or graphic design. They may work in a variety of industries, including publishing, advertising, film and television, video games, and fashion. Some common types of work that illustrators may do include creating book covers, designing logos and branding materials, developing characters and backgrounds for animations or video games, and producing editorial illustrations for magazines and newspapers.

Why hire an Illustrator?

1. To bring their ideas to life: An illustrator can take a concept or idea and turn it into a visual representation that can be used in various mediums. 2. To create unique and eye-catching visuals: Illustrators have a unique style and can create visuals that stand out and grab attention. 3. To enhance branding and marketing efforts: Illustrations can be used to create a consistent brand image and can be used in marketing materials such as brochures, websites, and social media. 4. To create illustrations for books, magazines, and other publications: Illustrators can create illustrations for books, magazines, and other publications that enhance the content and engage readers. 5. To create custom artwork: Illustrators can create custom artwork for clients that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as wall art, greeting cards, and merchandise.

Are Illustrators in high demand?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of multimedia artists and animators, which includes illustrators, is projected to grow 4 percent from 2019 to 2029, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations. The demand for illustrators may vary depending on the industry and location.

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