How do I use BTRST?

Redeem tokens for special perks created exclusively for the Braintrust community such as free and discounted software, products, career resources, and community perks. And we're continually adding new ways for Talent to use BTRST, so you'll always have options. 


How do I earn BTRST?

It’s easy. Today you can earn tokens by:

  • Inviting other talent to the network
  • Inviting employers to hire talent on the network
  • Completing peer-to-peer vetting
  • Additional token rewards will be added over time. Stay tuned for future updates!
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Foundation Treasury Management

Multi-Sig wallets are held at Coinbase and Anchorage Institutional Custody.

Brand Assets

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What is Braintrust?

Braintrust is the first decentralized talent network that connects highly skilled technical freelancers with the world’s most reputable brands like Nestle, Porsche, Atlassian, Goldman Sachs and Nike. Braintrust’s unique business model allows talent to retain 100% of their earnings and enables organizations to spin up flexible, skilled teams on-demand at a fraction of the cost of traditional staffing firms. This new business model that limits fee extraction and enables community ownership is uniquely enabled by a blockchain token.

Where can I find your whitepaper and tokenomics?

Why is Braintrust built on blockchain?

Braintrust uses blockchain technology to transparently distribute control of its network to the community members who contribute to building it. By distributing control globally based on user contributions (like referring talent, vetting talent, and referring clients), Braintrust’s blockchain-powered model aligns the incentives of the network itself with the people building it, rather than relying on a centralized platform that would otherwise extract disproportionate value in the form of high fees from its knowledge workers.

Not only does this put more control in the hands of the community, it helps grow the network rapidly.

What is Braintrust built on?

Braintrust is built on Ethereum blockchain.

Are you giving the Braintrust community perks?

Yes! Join The Professional Network to get updates!

How do I know Porsche, NASA, etc. work with you?

Braintrust clients are proud of the work Braintrust talent do for them, and they’ve been sharing that message. Please take a look at client stories, case studies, and press from various outlets: New York Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, and more mentioning the type of clients on the platform:

What’s the current project roadmap?

The various core teams each maintain their own public roadmap. Each team will publish their roadmap on their own cadence. New features can be proposed on Frill.

Where does the 15% commission go?

The 15% service charge that clients pay is used to fund community programs.

When a client remits a fee payment, it is sent to the Fee Converter, which is a smart contract that was proposed, approved, and built by the Braintrust community. The Fee Converter then converts the payment into BTRST, and directs it to the Braintrust DAO where it is used to fund community programs such as referral rewards, community grants, and to replenish the Braintrust on-chain treasury.

Click here to learn more about the Fee Converter.

Are there any examples of governance proposals?

Governance at Braintrust is a system and process that allows anyone from the community to propose an idea that can improve Braintrust (Here's a fun example: changing payment providers for payment processing).


It all starts with an idea that materializes into a “proposal,” which is a write-up of the idea in more detail with some description and argumentation to make the case.


Members from the community then express their opinion on the proposal by voting on it with the BTRST tokens that they hold in their crypto wallet, which will act as votes signaling voting power to their vote. The more BTRST tokens you have, the more voting power you will have when casting your vote.


If the results of the voting process for a proposal are favorable, the proposal gets executed via code on the blockchain and a new governance of Braintrust goes live!

You can learn more about Governance here.

What does the BTRST token do? What’s its utility?

BTRST token holders, through voting with their tokens, are able to control the future of the network, decide which categories it expands into, how disputes should be resolved, what platform fees should be, what the platform rules should be, and other network governance topics.  Read more about network governance here:

Can I pay for services with BTRST?

BTRST is not designed to be a payment layer. Currently, all services on Braintrust are paid for in USD.

Can I buy BTRST?

BTRST is listed on a variety of exchanges, including Coinbase.

BTRST can also be earned on the Braintrust network through a number of different contributions, including building out a talent profile (work history, reputation, skill certifications, etc.), referring new talent, referring new clients and helping to vet and curate the talent pool.

How do I earn BTRST?

There are lots of opportunities to earn BTRST:

  • You can refer talent and clients to join Braintrust and get a % of their transactions in BTRST.
  • You can participate in community perks and bounties.
  • Become a Community Leader to help build the network

More information on how to earn BTRST here:

Can clients earn BTRST?

Yes, anyone can absolutely earn BTRST, including freelance talent and enterprise clients. BTRST can be earned by contributing to the platform by referring talent, vetting talent, or referring clients. 

A perfect example of how a client could earn BTRST is by referring a counterpart at another organization to Braintrust. By helping that peer in their search for skilled knowledge workers, the original client could receive BTRST when the new client successfully brings on Braintrust talent.

How do I get access to BTRST?

The best way to access your BTRST is through your Braintrust account and your BTRST wallet. From there, the decision will be yours to move your BTRST to a third party wallet of your choosing, or keep it in your wallet.

Now that the BTRST token is publicly available, what does that mean for BTRST wallet holders?

As a decentralized network, Braintrust community members have total freedom and ownership of their BTRST. They can choose to keep the tokens in their Braintrust wallets, or move them to a wallet of their choosing.

When can I withdraw my token from Braintrust?

Community tokens can be withdrawn at any time.

Why would I want to withdraw my tokens?

When you withdraw your tokens from Braintrust, you may do whatever you like with them. Some people choose to keep them on Braintrust so they can use them on the platform for project staking, unlocking Academy courses, mentor hours, and other utility purposes.

Why would I want to keep my tokens on the Braintrust platform?

It is up to you to determine how you would like to store your BTRST tokens. If you don't feel comfortable storing your own BTRST tokens, you can leave them on the Braintrust platform, which uses Coinbase and Anchorage to store tokens.

How is BTRST gaining market liquidity?

BTRST is listed across a variety of exchanges. Additionally, CoinList held a token sale that took place on September 9:

You can also earn BTRST tokens through community perks and bounties.

How do I convert my BTRST tokens to USD?

Send them to an exchange and trade there.

Are you concerned about BTRST holders selling?

No. Token holders can do anything they like with the token. The BTRST token is a utility token and the people who earned it on the platform recognize its value on the Braintrust platform. They can use the token for governance (1 BTRST = 1 vote), unlocking time with talent mentors, and many other community programs.

Is BTRST like stock?

BTRST is not stock and is qualitatively different from stock. It’s not a form of equity, and it’s not a dividend or profit return mechanism. Its value is in its utility on the Braintrust network, providing its holders and the Braintrust community control and ownership of the network itself.


When it comes to governance and control, BTRST does have some distinct advantages over stock: 


  • It’s finite: There is a cap of 250 million tokens of BTRST, and no more or less will ever exist. That means BTRST cannot be diluted.
  • It’s equal in value: All tokens are created equally, so there are not different classes of token. Simply put, one token = one vote.

It’s instantaneously global: BTRST’s utility extends beyond any particular company or organization, and is tied to the decentralized talent network it supports. Anyone around the world can earn and hold BTRST tokens.

How do I learn more about the token?

There are a number of great resources to learn more about BTRST! The first place to start is the Braintrust website, here and the Braintrust blog.

Another great resource to learn about BTRST is through the Braintrust community itself, and the Braintrust Discord server.

What’s the contract address?

Contract address: 

More information on the BTRST token can be found here:

What happens when the token runs out? 

There is a fixed supply of 250M BTRST tokens. The fixed amount ensures there is no dilution of the token over time. The Fee Converter Protocol upgrade (approved by the community in February 2022) ensures  we won’t exhaust the Treasury and the flywheel will keep turning. Client fees processed by the fee converter send BTRST to the on-chain DAO which can then be used to continue to fund community/referral rewards. This is all under the control of the token holders.

When was launch and what’s total capped supply?

The BTRST token launched on the Ethereum mainnet on September 1, 2021 using the ERC-20 standard.

It has a fixed supply of 250 million tokens, meaning the total number of tokens in circulation can never surpass that amount.

(Ticker: BTRST, Standard: ERC-20, Max Supply: 250,000,000)

Contract address: 

Who are the backers of this project?

Early backers include: Tiger Global, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera, Multicoin, Variant, Blockchange, and ACME. To see the full list, please visit Braintrust’s home page and scroll to the bottom:

How much did initial backers buy the token for?

Please visit Messari to find token backer pricing information:

Initial Coin circulation?

Please see CoinMarketCap for the latest information.

The tokenomics references 54% of BTRST for community rewards. What does that refer to?

54% of total token supply is reserved for community rewards and are programmatically granted by the referral engine, community perks, and bounties.

When will the token list on an exchange?

On September 15, Coinbase announced its intention to list BTRST:

Braintrust does not control when and if exchanges will pick up BTRST. Please be vigilant to ensure that the BTRST tokens you are purchasing are in fact legitimate. 

Here’s how you can check to confirm the legitimacy of any BTRST token listing. Simply make sure the token’s contract address is the one for this project: 0x799ebfABE77a6E34311eeEe9825190B9ECe32824

Are there priority allocations for the CoinList sale?

The CoinList sale occurred on September 9. Any questions on the CoinList sale should be directed to CoinList. The sale announcement is here:

Has the private sale ended? Are you doing a token sale/public sale? Where can I buy?

CoinList held a private sale on September 9:

Please be aware of scam sales by checking the Discord channel.

How are tokens distributed? 

The latest BTRST token supply and allocation can be referenced in the Network Dashboard. 54% of the token supply is reserved for Community Incentives and Rewards. Token holders' votes count as their tokens unlock, as with all token holders' votes.