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2x the Earnings, 4x the Talent, Unlimited Opportunities for Learning & Growth

Anne Muscarella
Anne Muscarella

Milestones are not just numbers; they represent forward progress and in the case of Braintrust, lives transformed, opportunities created, and dreams realized. We’re proud to be celebrating not one, but two milestones that exhibit our progress toward redefining the future of work. 


Today our talent community has exceeded 500,000 members – over half a million people – and we have facilitated over $200 million in cumulative earnings for talent around the globe. 



What makes these milestones remarkable, other than the sheer volume, is the rate of growth. Just one year ago, we celebrated putting $100M back in the hands of talent. At that time, we had ¼  of the number of community members - 128,467 total talent - that we do today. This means that in one year, we 2Xed earnings for our talent and 4Xed the community members around the globe on the platform with the potential to earn in the future.

Empowering the World's Talent to Thrive: A Vision Realized


From the outset, our vision at Braintrust has been crystal clear: to provide unparalleled growth opportunities for the world's talent to thrive. How? Through fulfilling our mission to build products that enable global talent to earn, learn, and grow. This year we’ve made incredible strides towards this vision and mission, doubling the amount earned by our talent community around the globe, and expanding the Braintrust platform from a place to find jobs to a place to support talent on their entire career journey with the launch of The Professional Network.


Community in Action


Braintrust’s offering has been particularly relevant due to a challenging economic climate. This year, companies and talent have experienced a staggering number of tech layoffs, with more than 400,000 individuals finding themselves unemployed. At the same time, AI took off and all of a sudden it became more difficult to connect on a human level. Deluges of resumes poured in for every job opening, and talent were left with little hope.


Many of these highly skilled professionals turned to Braintrust, not only in search of jobs but also seeking support and career advice. The community at Braintrust embraced these individuals offering not just employment opportunities, but guidance, mentorship, and assurance that they are not alone in their journey.


Reflections from Braintrust Talent


There are hundreds of stories within the Braintrust talent community that exhibit the unique empowerment, opportunity, and unparalleled growth the Network has offered. Take Natasha Crosby for example, who lives in Orlando, FL and was finding it difficult to find high-quality customers for her remote consulting business. Through Braintrust, Natasha connected with McKinsey where she earned $70,000 for a four month contract; this was double what she earned from roles with Cisco and USAA that she received from other staffing agencies that took 50% of her earnings as their margin.


At Braintrust our unique value proposition lies in providing the world's leading talent access to high-paying jobs with no fees, enabling career advancement, and offering opportunities to develop ownership in the network. We believe in a world where talent is recognized, rewarded, and given the platform it deserves.


A Message from Our Founder


Co-founder and CEO of Freelance Labs, a core builder of Braintrust, Adam Jackson reflected on these milestones and the progress over the past year with deep gratitude. He said, “Reaching these milestones is a testament to how keeping incentives aligned in an ecosystem results in better outcomes for both sides of the marketplace in addition to far faster growth.  Braintrust’s mission to spread economic opportunity more evenly around the world, and the traction thus far is proof that a User Owned network is a far better platform for achieving this mission than a corporate-owned network.”


Embracing the Future: A Continuation of Our Journey


While we recognize the important meaning of this milestone, we have our sights set on the future. As we look to the year ahead, we have a roadmap of product updates and new service offerings designed to bring our vision and mission to even MORE talent around the globe. 

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