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Talent Feature: How Zed Uses Storytelling to Make His Proposals Stand Out.

Shirley Yang
Shirley Yang

VP of Community

We’ve all been there before. You spent hours putting together a seemingly flawless job proposal, and your skill-sets and past experiences align perfectly with the job opportunity, you cover all your major skill sets in the proposal, but they end up hiring someone else.

What’s worse is that you have no idea why.

What happened? And what did the winning hire have that you didn’t?

During last month’s Talent All-Hands meeting, we asked a Braintrust Full Stack Blockchain Developer named Zed Mupambirei to share his tips on how he uses storytelling to stand out when writing proposals.

In this three minute video below, you’ll learn from Zed how to:

  • Use story to build strong connections with hiring managers
  • Curate your proposal to what the client is looking for
  • Make your proposals sound more human (especially for those technical topics)



And for tips on how to vet if a potential role is the right one for you, download The Freelancer’s Project Fit Checklist!

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