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How Pacific Life Tripled Their Output in the Middle of the Pandemic.

Grady Gardner
Grady Gardner

VP of Enterprise

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The challenge.

How does a 150+ year-old insurance company ensure its products and services stay relevant?

That’s the question Jim Legeman had to answer when he was hired by Pacific Life. But when COVID-19 struck, he was faced with an even bigger challenge: how could he accelerate innovation without taking on the added risk of FTE?

The obstacles.

Jim’s assignment was to leverage Pacific Life’s Journey Transformation Playbook and make sure they were delivering the most value possible to their customers.

To accomplish that, he had to come up with a way to overcome the three major obstacles (and global pandemic) that stood in his way.

1: FTE was a major business risk during the pandemic.

Jim needed to grow his team if he wanted to keep up with the demand for innovation. Hiring FTE was their standard approach but because of the pandemic, Pacific Life put a cap on new hires, making it all but impossible to scale.

2: The in-house hiring process required way too much effort.

Jim had consultants and an in-house hiring process that he could use to source freelancers but it was filled with so much red tape and runarounds that he couldn’t justify the time (and cost) it would take to grow his team.

3: Jim had 6 months to complete 36 months of work.

In order to tackle the growing backlog of projects (and keep his team’s sanity), he needed to come up with a way to meet his deadlines without adding FTE. If he couldn’t come up with a solution, he would have to hit “pause” on innovation.

The outcome.

Jim used Braintrust to tackle the backlog of projects and triple his team’s capacity in just two weeks.


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