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Peru Needed Pet Food. Nestlé Used Braintrust to Get it There.

Gabe Luna-Ostaseski
Gabe Luna-Ostaseski


Goran Kukic is the Chief Innovation Technology Officer at Nestlé, a multinational food and beverage processing conglomerate headquartered in Switzerland, and yes–in case you were wondering, the world’s largest food company.


The Story by the Numbers.

Nestlé case study by the numbers

The Challenge.

When Goran and I met, Nestlé had just launched a major initiative to go where no competitors had gone by creating a new direct-to-consumer buying experience for pet owners in Peru. To beat the competition to market, Goran needed to do something he had never done before–quickly scale up his team in a matter of days.

The Obstacles.

Like most Chief Innovation Technology Officers, his job is to keep an eye on new technologies and identify ways they might be able to shape the world.

For Goran, that’s the easy part.

If he wanted to succeed in his role though, he needed to do more than just identify the next big idea–he would need to execute it. That’s where he needed help. There were at least three major obstacles that posed a serious challenge to launching the new D2C buying experience.

1: The competition was moving in fast.

Goran knew his team had a window of opportunity but they needed to move quickly if they wanted to beat the competition. This meant that he didn’t have time to source, vet, and onboard talent on his own.

2: The old way of hiring wasn’t working.

Hiring in-house would take a minimum of four months to fill a single role. And based on past experience, that process was notoriously unreliable when it came to giving him access to the elite talent he needed.

3: He had a strict budget.

Goran considered saving some time by outsourcing recruitment to third-party agencies like Upwork, but their high-markups and fee structures only meant that he’d have less money to spend on talent.


“To keep up with innovation, we needed an easy way to find verified talent without the pain of searching, hiring, and onboarding.”

- Goran Kukic, Chief Innovation Technology Officer, Nestlé

The Process.

If Goran had to move quickly and if the traditional options of hiring in-house or going through a third-party agency no longer made sense, then he needed a third option.

That’s where Braintrust came in.


1: Braintrust built Goran a custom profile on the platform.

Our talent specialists took the time to sit down with Goran to learn more about his project. Once we outlined his business needs, we tailored and published each of his job postings for free.

2: Braintrust introduced him to pre-vetted talent within 48-hours.

With thousands of the world’s top tech Talent already on Braintrust, we matched Goran with the pre-vetted Talent he was looking for in just hours. Then we worked with both parties to schedule virtual interviews that same week.

3: Our team helped onboard the entire team of 6 freelancers within two weeks.

Goran used Braintrust’s easy-to-use platform to handle everything from invoicing to compliance, which meant that instead of spending all his time managing the hiring process, he got to focus on the things that mattered most.

How They Built It.

Nestlé case study how they built it

Methodologies and tools:

  • Six Sigma
  • Facebook Workplace
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Objective Cascading
  • Operational Master Plan


The Solutions.

By uniquely solving for the needs of him and his team, Braintrust allowed Goran to accelerate innovation faster than ever before.

1: Braintrust matched Goran with six freelancers in 48-hours.

Braintrust allowed Goran to fast-track his hiring process compared to Nestlé’s in-house recruiting and get matched to top talent based on past work experience, skill sets, and alignment. Except instead of waiting four months for a match, he waited 48 hours.

2: Braintrust created a win-win solution for both Talent and Nestlé.

Goran never liked the fact that third-party agencies would overcharge him while taking a cut of everything the talent made. Braintrust’s user-owned model allowed him to get access to top talent while ensuring that at the end of the day, they could keep 100% of what they earn.

3: Goran got double the innovation for half the price.

If he had opted for another third-party agency or expensive middleman, Goran’s budget would have only allowed him to hire a maximum of three Talent. But because Braintrust’s model doesn’t rely on high markups or hidden fees, he was able to hire twice as many Talent.


“What I love most about the Braintrust model is the way it aligns incentives. The Talent gets to keep 100% of what they make and we get a future-proof talent pipeline that we can rely on for years to come."

- Goran Kukic, Chief Innovation Technology Officer, Nestlé


Results That Speak for Themselves.

What happens when the world’s largest food company uses the world’s first user-owned talent platform to launch a new D2C buying experience for pet owners in Peru?

1: Nestlé was able to build 8X faster.

Hiring in-house would have taken Goran a minimum of four months to fill a single role. Thanks to Braintrust, he was able to source, hire, and onboard his entire team in just two weeks. Now Goran could spend more time innovating and less time worrying about the competition.

2: Nestlé saved $310,000 in fees alone.

Goran factored in what he would have paid to third-party agencies if he had tried to run this project through them. He estimates that he would have had to pay at least $310,000 in markups and hiring fees alone. Now, he’s able to invest that money right back into the team.

3: Goran’s team became 33% more efficient.

Braintrust allowed Goran to stretch his budget 3-4x further which allowed his team to reach their business goals faster than anybody had anticipated. Now, everybody at Nestlé knows which team to go to when they need to accelerate, innovate, build faster, and reach their business goals.

Start Growing with Braintrust Today.

Each day, Nestlé and hundreds of other global enterprises use Braintrust to find, hire, and onboard the world’s most talented freelancers. With an easy-to-use platform that handles every part of the hiring process and a team of talent specialists to support you each step of the way, hiring top talent has never been easier.

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