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Growth Report 9: Braintrust Puts User-Controlled to the (Beta) Test.

Braintrust Technology Foundation
Braintrust Technology Foundation

Contributor to Braintrust, the first decentralized talent network.

⏳ The TL;DR.

  • Endaoment, Hallsy, Lucra Sports, Pacific Life, Rematter, and more clients made hires on Braintrust last week
  • The Governance Beta is under way and proving the utility of BTRST as a voting mechanism for Braintrust users to exercise control over the network
  • The Braintrust platform is about to become more helpful and easier to use for both clients and Talent with the development of a new, better navigation
  • The great migration from Slack to Discord is well under way - and Talent are loving their new home with Clyde


💡 The WYSC (why you should care).

Braintrust talks a lot of big talk about being user-owned and user-controlled. And in fact, being transparent about everything that’s happening on the network by publishing these weekly blog updates is part of the effort to keep ALL Braintrust users aware of what’s going on.

There’s a Governance Beta in progress that’s going to give users the ability to have their voices heard and impact change on the network.

The bottom line? Braintrust is walking the walk, too.


💸 Client Successes and Open Roles.

June 10 2021 Growth Report Braintrust Companies Hiring

Congrats to these clients who have recently hired freelancers on Braintrust!

Clients are really loving using Braintrust. With a few new big-name clients signing this week (can’t wait to share them when the ink is dry) and a look at overall job growth, it’s a lot to be excited about:

Braintrust all hands june 10 total jobs

And here are a few hot jobs from the amazing clients on Braintrust right now:


🦄 Network Growth.

Braintrust All Hands June 10 2021
How the Braintrust network has grown.

Check out these other key growth metrics from last week:

  • 43 new approved Talent added
  • 186 proposals submitted
  • 10 Talent hired

And let’s take a look at some of the amazing people behind those wonderful growth stats! Here’s this week’s Talent spotlight, featuring 4 amazing Braintrust Talent who’ve just been hired on the platform - check out their profiles!


📝 Hot Off the Presses.

Pacific Life Braintrust Client Story
Pacific Life tripled their innovation output - in the middle of a global pandemic, no less. How the heck did they hack it?

With a little help from a talent network called Braintrust. Check out the latest client story to find out how. Marketing thinks the design is pretty spiffy, but would love to hear your thoughts! Share them by emailing content@usebraintrust.com.

More awesome content to brighten your week:


👪 Talent Spotlight.

This Braintrust Talent is a certified rockstar. Meet Calvin Blanchard, a Technical Program Manager who landed a job with Coursera just two weeks after joining Braintrust. And during last week’s Talent All-Hands meeting, he shared his secrets for making a quick and amazing impression on his interviewers and securing the job. Check it out here:

And in case you hadn’t heard, the Braintrust Community moved off of Slack and on to Discord last week! It’s not easy to migrate a thousand people across two tools, but thanks to the enthusiastic response of hundreds of Braintrust Talent, the Discord channels are blowing up. 


🏛️ Network Infrastructure.

The Governance Beta is well under way! If that’s exciting to you, keep reading. If that means nothing to you, keep reading.

Braintrust is user-owned and user-controlled. This week, Braintrust is testing how users can exercise that control to vote on and implement changes to Braintrust. But instead of voting with ballots, they vote with BTRST tokens. This beta is all about proving the accessibility of the governance process and the utility of BTRST. It is (humbly stated) REALLY exciting stuff!


A peek at the voting process on Snapshot.

It’s looking like this ^ proposal to create a central notifications preference center is going to pass… so stay tuned next week to see the results and next steps!

Other priorities for the beta gang Infrastructure team this week include:

  • Continued work on developing the Knowledge Base (because technical topics like Governance require supporting documentation)
  • Creating documentation for the work-in-progress Dispute Resolution portal


💻 Product Improvements.

Never ask for directions again.

Where you’re going, you don’t need maps. Because Braintrust is revamping the navigation for the app! If you’re a UI/UX/Product designer, you probably know how hard it is to get this right. If you’re none of the above, just take this at face value: it’s VERY hard to get it right, and it’s even harder when you get it wrong. You don’t want to make your users have to stop and ask for directions.

Braintrust All Hands June 10 2021 NavigationA peek at the new navigation in development for the Braintrust app.

Just wait till you see how this totally changes the Braintrust user experience… for the better.

Other areas of focus for Product include:

  • Hiring design, product, and dev support! (To repeat it again, product is working on a trillion things)
  • Continuing to improve the referral program


👤 Braintrust HR + Culture.

Interested in joining the team that’s helping to build the future of work? Check out these open roles:

  • The Braintrust Community has grown by thousands. It’s time to bring on an amazing Community Manager to stay in touch with the needs of all those incredible freelancers. Know someone who fits the bill? Apply here.
  • Do you pride yourself on your LinkedIn search skills? Do you love making new connections? You could be a perfect fit for the role of Technical Sourcer. Apply here.

Aside from hiring for these roles, HR + Culture is working to build culture documentation that will be circulated to the entire Braintrust Community for feedback. Because maintaining culture is important, but making sure everyone in the network has a say in it is even more important.

Plus, working on onboarding for a new Director of Communications (introductions coming next week!)


🚩 Weekly challenges and red flags.

  • Braintrust has a ton of goals and endless growth potential. The only limitation is making sure that growth isn’t hindered by lack of focus and prioritization. So, the team is making some hard decisions about which projects to go full-court press on… and which ones to sideline.

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