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Adam Jackson Was a Guest on Around the Coin Podcast!

Braintrust Technology Foundation
Braintrust Technology Foundation

Contributor to Braintrust, the first decentralized talent network.

In the latest episode of Around the Coin, Adam Jackson sits down with Mike Townsend, serial entrepreneur and host of the award-winning podcast, Around the Coin, to talk about the future of work and the value user-controlled talent platforms bring to the market. After decades of leadership and founding three web-enabled marketplaces prior to Braintrust, Adam became convinced that the way we work is broken and that a better model for marketplaces was possible–one where users wouldn’t end up at odds with the operator and everybody could win.

Instead of competing against investor-owned marketplaces, Adam tells Mike how he made the decision to embrace blockchain technology and create a user-owned marketplace that closes the gap between global talent and global opportunities. To listen in on the conversation, click here for the full episode.

Key insights:


“There’s one dirty little secret about web-enabled marketplaces that people don’t talk about but at scale, it can be very corrosive, and that’s the misalignment of incentives between the people who make their living on the marketplace and the folks who own and operate it.”

Adam Jackson, Co-founder & CEO of Braintrust

Key takeaways:

  • User-owned marketplaces can grow faster and become more valuable than investor-owned marketplaces. By giving the users ownership of the network early and often, you create stakeholders that are incentivized and motivated to put work into the betterment of the marketplace.
  • Most talent marketplaces today struggle to create demand. By aligning incentives, Braintrust reduces this risk, which means the network is able to generate more value for its users through referral bonuses, cash offers, and more.
  • Braintrust is entirely open-source. But Adam’s not worried about anyone stealing the idea or building a competing platform. The value of Braintrust is in the community, not the code.

Click here to listen to the full episode.


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