Over 900 People Have Referred Customers To Braintrust – Here’s Why

Anne Muscarella
Anne Muscarella

Are you looking for a way to build your personal network, earn some extra money, and make a positive impact? Look no further – the Braintrust Connector Program offers you the perfect opportunity to do just that. 


But don’t take our word for it. Over 900 people have referred customers to Braintrust. We reached out to five of our most enthusiastic (and highest-earning) participants in the Connector Program to gather their motivations for referring customers and their tips and tricks for doing so efficiently and effectively. 


How can I help? 

For most of our connectors, participating in the program is purely about helping others. That may sound corny, but just think: if you could help save a friend, colleague, or peer time, money, or resources, by making a simple suggestion, would you do it? 

“I often encounter people who are experiencing the same challenges that I was facing a couple of years ago; trouble recruiting and hiring technical talent,” said Jim Legeman, Head of Customer Experience for Pacific Life and the #1 Braintrust connector. “I’ve been there, and I genuinely want to help, so I just tell them about Braintrust, share my experience, and offer to make a connection. It’s that simple.”

Kurt Daradics, a Briantrust Connector who holds the #2 spot on the Braintrust leaderboard, told us, “I found my success by always trying to give and find and offer value. I simply ask people a question How can I help?”

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Julia Lipton, Founder at Awesome People Ventures and an investor in the web3 space, told us, “I don't think about it as being a connector. I think about it as genuinely helping my friends and people in my community.” 

The benefits of being a connector extend beyond monetary rewards (but we’ll get to that!) —it's about nurturing relationships, forging meaningful connections, and contributing to a network that values your expertise. Success as a connector is about expanding your network, the value you bring to your peers, and the satisfaction of helping others.


You get what you give

Referring customers to Braintrust is easy and intrinsically rewarding, but at the end of the day, we believe time is money, and you should be rewarded for taking precious time to tell other people about Braintrust. That’s why we offer 2% of whatever a customer bills Braintrust, up to $100K, in BTRST for every referral you make.

Ok, but how does that actually work? Let’s use Kurt as an example. Kurt’s referrals have led to 15+ hires on the Braintrust network, earning him over $75K in BTRST. 

“Braintrust’s connector program’s referral bonus is more generous than anyone else in the market that I've seen,” said Kurt. “They're cutting out the middleman, and there's more pieces of the pie to share with the referral partners.”

Or, take Ludovic Ulrich, Principal PM at Microsoft, who referred just two customers to Braintrust and has earned over 53,000 BTRST tokens. “I recommended Braintrust because they helped me, and I knew they could help someone else, said Ludovic. “To be rewarded for the referral with BTRST is icing on the cake. A no-brainer, win-win.”


Embracing a web3 future

Nothing is more powerful than a personal recommendation, and nothing easier than recommending a staffing solution like Braintrust. Braintrust offers highly skilled global technical talent at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies. 

How do we do this? The BTRST token. Braintrust is able to attract top talent around the globe to the network by enabling them to keep 100% of what they make and earn ownership and control in the network via the token.

Sundeep Ahuja, another top 5 Braintrust connector and Founder & GP of Climate Capital, was incentivized by the BTRST token for similar reasons. “I am not one to participate in referral programs, but when I dug deeper into the business model, I was impressed by the novelty of a network owned and controlled by its users,” said Sundeep. “For me, the BTRST token represents more than just referring and earning, but building a better way forward.” 

Jim Legeman shared how the Braintrust Connector Program offers within the web3 ecosystem. By staying connected with Braintrust and the broader web3 community, he’s witnessed firsthand the emergence of groundbreaking businesses with real value propositions. “This isn't just a referral program, said Jim, “it's a chance to actively participate in shaping the future of technology and innovation.”


Get started today

In a world driven by connections and innovation, the Braintrust Connector Program offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and get rewarded for doing so. 

Join the Braintrust Connector Program today and become a catalyst for growth, innovation, and positive change. We're building a future where connections shape success and opportunities abound.

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