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Growth Report 1

Braintrust Technology Foundation
Braintrust Technology Foundation

Contributor to Braintrust, the first decentralized talent network.

This week, The Braintrust network continues to tackle fill-rate improvements and Talent acquisition - with positive results! The team gets down in the data with various measurement projects, and Fortune 1,000 companies really light up the job boards.

Where you (yes you, reading this!) can get involved:

  • Please help us refer great Talent!
  • Know a Figma power user with Internalization/ Localization for Web & Mobile app? Let us know.
  • Does anyone know a .NET developer with 5+ years of experience? Let us know.
  • Does anyone have relationships with developer conference organizers? We’d love to partner. Intro us!

Company Updates.

The highest priority this week is Q2 planning (reminder for any folks reading - Braintrust quarters are a month offset from traditional financial quarters. Q1 is Feb-April, Q2 is May-July, etc).


Sales Updates.

Fortune 1,000 companies are HOT this week! 

  • Started onboarding with Cisco and Intel 
  • SMB hit 50 closed deals last week - that’s 50 awesome Talent with jobs (why we do what we do)
  • Deloitte is going on a hiring spree with 3 roles secured in the last week alone
  • Stanley Black & Decker is doing the same with 3 roles posted last week

Talent Updates.

Seeing more positive impacts of the team’s efforts to increase fill-rate. Key highlights: 

  • Filled 12 roles last week 
    • 165 Proposals - up 63% WoW (101, 117, 102 previous weeks)
    • Expecting elevated hiring volumes in the next 2 weeks
  • Screening: New approved talent at 50 (up 8% WoW)
  • Sourcing (consultants & community screeners ): 97 scheduled screenings last week

Marketing Updates.

Hit a historical best last week on the website:

  • Website views: 2874 (5th best week in BT history - spike in direct + search + campaigns - talent referrals + webinar follow up)

Top priorities for this week:

  • Talent acquisition: working to get better visibility into performance metrics and lifecycle 
  • Social media: pivoting to a higher focus on building in public content and measurement 
  • Data report: want to accelerate Community responses to our Future of Work survey


Community Updates.

Seeing lots of success with Talent sourcing via dev forums in just the last 5 days:

  • Signups: 35% came from Talent (28 out of 79 signups)
  • Passed to Screener: 27% came from Talent (10 out of 37)
  • 36% conversion rate from signup

Other notable updates

  • Continuing to run tests on our growth/referral program via our 2 most recent Talent sign up landing pages
  • Braintrust Academy now has 426 users
  • As of 4/13/2021: 1,739 total non-zero wallets


Infrastructure Updates.

Serious progress happening on a few long-held goals:

  • Put together timelines and beta programs for governance and token staking (long-held goal coming to life!)
  • Evaluating additional payment partners to supplement Wise
  • Dispute resolution resources are in review


Product Updates.

Great reason to get excited: Product KPI Reporting is coming this quarter! 

Roadmap items:

  • Delivery: Refer from Job - in development    
  • Delivery: Top Skills - in development  
  • Delivery: Remove Multiple Roles from Jobs  - in development  
  • Definition: Brand Reskin Lite - in design 
  • Definition: Navigation - in design (kick off tomorrow) 
  • Discovery: Talent Profile 


HR + Culture Updates.

In addition to hiring, top 2 priorities this week include:

  • Culture: finalizing the new values deck and analyzing team learning and development feedback from latest sessions on crypto 101
  • Process: working to improve contractor onboarding.

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