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Braintrust Network Update: April 2023

Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson


The Braintrust Network continues to outperform targets month over month. In March, we came in just north of our targets for GSV of $7.9M (exceeded by 4%) and GCV of $6.0M (exceeded by 2%) The Network continues to grow approved talent (155% of our March goal) at a very low cost, largely due to the macroeconomic climate and the referral system. 


Our goal is to come close to doubling GSV YoY (generating $150M GSV in FY23) so while we’re proud of these accomplishments, we still have a lot of efficiencies and improvements to make to the core marketplace to continue this growth despite all the hiring freezes we’re seeing with large clients. 


We’re currently experimenting with a bunch of levers to accelerate GSV growth, including a partnership with Deel that seems to be yielding some promising early results (20 leads, 11 meetings, 80 potential job posts in the last month alone), along with Direct Hire, ramping up our sales force, and marketing spend.


We’re also actively working to raise the profile of the brand as a whole. We’ve benefitted from some really positive press over the past month, including this Messari report, and multiple mentions on NPR’s Marketplace, a podcast interview with one of Braintrust’s most successful connectors Kurt Daradics, and this important OpEd by Li Jin featured in Fortune + a panel I was on at Pantera’s LP event on the state of crypto in 2033. I’m also getting a ton of good feedback for my podcast, The Adam Jackson Show, which you can find on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple


How can you help? If you haven’t already, please make sure you join our connector program and refer clients, earn BTRST! ICYMI, here is a story of one of our connectors, Kurt Daradics, who has referred 15+ talent to the network, helping drive $3.7M in GSV, and earning himself $75,000 in BTRST.

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