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Binance.US Announces BTRST Token Listing.

Braintrust Technology Foundation
Braintrust Technology Foundation

Contributor to Braintrust, the first decentralized talent network.

The listing of the BTRST token on Binance.US is just another step toward building a true ownership economy, one where Talent benefit from the value they create on the network they make their living on. Each BTRST token represents one vote on key network decisions, giving token holders more say and control over their network, which has helped Talent earn nearly $100M since launching in 2020.

The Braintrust network imposes no fees on Talent, while only charging enterprises a fee of 10% of the contract value — significantly less than the cost of using other marketplaces or consulting firms. Clients hiring on the network include Fortune 1000 companies such as Porsche and Nestle as well as top Web3 projects including Solana, Skale, ConsenSys, and Harmony, among others.

Community members can earn tokens by contributing to the continued success and growth of the network. For example, individuals can earn up to $10K worth of BTRST tokens each time they successfully refer a client who ends up hiring on the network.

Community members can also earn BTRST tokens by referring new Talent to Braintrust, earning 1% of that individual’s future earnings as a reward for helping grow the network. To get started referring talent, all you need to do is create an account and share your unique referral link on the app homepage.

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