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Getting to “You’re Hired” Faster: The Power of AI Matching at Braintrust

Nasser Khan
Nasser Khan

Talent acquisition made smarter 

The process of hiring the right talent continues to be complex and time-consuming. At Braintrust, we constantly seek innovative solutions to streamline talent acquisition, ensuring that our clients connect with the best candidates quickly and efficiently. In January, we launched the AI Matching Engine, a tool relying on millions of data points to identify the best candidates for our clients’ jobs from the over 600,000 talent on Braintrust. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, revolutionizing the way we match talent with opportunities. This post delves into the positive impact of the AI Matching Engine, underscored by compelling statistics since its launch.

A leap forward in efficiency

The AI Matching Engine leverages advanced algorithms to analyze job requirements and candidate skills, preferences, and experience to create highly accurate matches. Since its implementation, we've witnessed a remarkable improvement in our hiring process. A striking 78% of successful job fills have originated from "Great" or "Good" matches - only 14% of candidates receive these top scores - highlighting the effectiveness of the AI Matching Engine in identifying ideal candidates for our clients. Only 5% of fills came from the lowest “Bad” match category that account for 46% of candidates. Gone are the days of randomly hunting through applications for candidates with the exact set of skills for your job.

This precision not only enhances the quality of matches but significantly reduces the hiring timeline. Since the AI Matching Engine’s launch, the average time to fill has decreased by 31%, shaving days off of the process and getting talent working faster. This efficiency is especially evident for jobs with more than 20 "Great" or "Good" applications, where there's a near guarantee of hiring success, reinforcing the value of quality over quantity in the application process.

Just the beginning

The success of the AI Matching Engine at Braintrust underscores our dedication to using technology to make talent acquisition better for clients and talent alike. As we stated before, AI Matching Engine is the first step. In the coming months, our AI will build the perfect job description for your role, handle the first round candidate screen and schedule the final interview panel with your team. There’s much to look forward to, but if you haven’t already, sign up on Braintrust to see the AI Matching Engine in action.

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