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Talent Feature: How Daniel Miranda, Full Stack Engineer, Created Real Business Impact for His Client.

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An enterprise couldn’t figure out why their website was driving away customers. They needed to troubleshoot and fix the issue fast or risk losing more business.

So they turned to Daniel Miranda, a Full Stack Software Engineer on Braintrust, to find a solution.
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The Problem Daniel Needed to Fix.

The company was struggling with severe loading issues on their website. Daniel needed to figure out why it was happening and come up with a solution.


“For some pages, we recorded up to 30 seconds to load. So you can imagine the user just waiting and waiting on the loading indicator, that was thoroughly no good for the site and the user experience.”

- Daniel Miranda, Full Stack Software Engineer on Braintrust


The Obstacles Daniel Faced.

1: There was no playbook to follow.

When the company hired Daniel, they didn’t have any instructions to give him. They didn’t even know how to diagnose the problem at hand. If he was to come up with a solution, it was up to him to figure out what it was.

2: Thousands of lines of code stood in his way.

Daniel knew the problem was somewhere in the code, but finding it was going to be a big task. He discovered thousands of lines of unnecessary code, and there was no way of knowing where exactly the issue was. It would be a big process to sort through it.

3: The clock was ticking.

Each day the website wasn’t loading correctly, the stakes grew even higher. The client was eager to fix the issue because with each passing day, they were losing more and more business. And customers were frustrated by the awful experience they were having on the site.

Daniel knew he needed to find and fix the issue quickly.

How Daniel Worked Through It.

1: Daniel performed a backend analysis.

He knew he needed to be efficient with his time, so Daniel ran a backend analysis that helped him pinpoint exactly which network requests had the longer response times and which ones were acceptable.

2: Daniel repeated the process–this time for the frontend.

By the end of it, Daniel was able to determine which portions of code were associated with the longer runtimes that were dragging down the site. Now, he knew where to look to solve the issue.

3: Then he searched for any inefficiencies.

In his hunt for inefficiencies, Daniel discovered an unusually high number of accesses to the same data, which was resulting in inefficient database access. At last, he knew what needed to be done.

How Daniel Solved It.

Once Daniel discovered what was going on, he scheduled a meeting with the core team so that he could share what he had uncovered. Then he batched and de-duplicated database access requests, implemented more robust data management, and removed excess code–giving the company a more efficient usage of database resources and lower latency times.

How Daniel Impacted the Business.

1: Daniel decreased the site’s load time by 27 seconds.

Remember the 30 second load time they were experiencing? Once Daniel implemented his solutions, he brought the load time down to a fraction of the original time. Suddenly, that awful user experience got a whole lot better.

2: He got rid of 3,000+ lines of unnecessary code.

Daniel wanted to make sure they never experienced this problem again. So he cleaned up the messy code and deleted the unnecessary bulk to ensure they never would.

3: The company was ready to grow again.

Now that they don’t have to worry about their website driving customers away, the company is ready to accelerate innovation and reach their goals faster. Business has resumed as usual, with customers enjoying a smooth experience and the team able to focus on other projects.

Why Daniel chose Braintrust.

“Freelancing on Braintrust I get to work with exceptional clients without excessive fees, actually no fees at all. Plus, I can connect with a great community of professionals”

- Daniel Miranda, Full Stack Software Engineer on Braintrust


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