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Networking and Career Growth in Spaces: Your Path to Professional Advancement

Masha Bocharova
Masha Bocharova


In Braintrust's new Spaces, launched in January, you'll find a new way to boost your career and make connections. These spaces aren't just online groups; they're where you can really get ahead, learn new skills, and meet people who can help you out. This blog is all about how getting involved in Spaces can take your professional life to the next level.

The Essence of Spaces:

Spaces were conceived to address common challenges faced by professionals in large, diverse communities - from posting anxiety to the difficulty in finding relevant content. By segmenting the community into focused groups, Spaces allow for more meaningful interactions, ensuring that everyone finds their tribe, whether polishing their resumes, seeking new opportunities, or looking to make impactful referrals.

  1. Building Your Network with Precision:

Networking in Spaces goes beyond casual connections. It's about strategically aligning with individuals who share your career aspirations or have traversed the path you're embarking on. Tips for effective networking in Spaces include:

  • Engage Authentically: Share genuine insights and experiences rather than just exchanging business cards. Authentic engagement leads to deeper connections.
  • Be a Resource: Offer your expertise and support to others. Being helpful not only establishes your credibility but also makes you a memorable connection.
  • Follow Up: Networking doesn't end with a single interaction. Keep the conversation going by following up on discussions and offering further value.
  1. Catalyzing Career Growth:

Spaces offer a unique advantage for career development. Here's how you can leverage these communities for your career advancement:

  • Mentorship and Guidance: Seek out mentors within relevant Spaces or offer mentorship to others. This symbiotic exchange of knowledge and experience can open new doors and provide fresh perspectives on your career challenges.
  • Collaborative Learning: Participate in collaborative projects, peer reviews, or skill-sharing sessions. These activities enhance your skills and showcase your expertise to potential collaborators or employers.
  • Visibility: Regularly contributing valuable content and insights can increase your visibility within the community and enhance your chances of being featured in the weekly emails, making you top of mind when expert advice is needed.
  1. Skill Development and Knowledge Sharing:

Spaces offer a dynamic environment for enhancing your skills and knowledge through active participation and exchange. Consider these approaches:

  • Initiate or Participate in Skill-Sharing Sessions: While formal workshops may not be a staple, you can start or join informal sessions focused on skill sharing within the informal group in Spaces. You can initiate peer-led sessions -  a goldmine for learning new techniques and staying abreast of industry developments.
  • Exchange Insights and Strategies: Foster a culture of learning by sharing your expertise and learning from others. Discussing best practices, tools, and methodologies can enrich everyone's professional toolkit.
  • Propose or Engage in Peer Challenges: While official challenges might not be on the agenda, there's nothing stopping you from initiating or participating in friendly challenges or projects with your peers. This can spur innovation, enhance problem-solving skills, and foster a sense of community.


Spaces are more than just a feature on Braintrust; it is a dynamic ecosystem designed to foster professional growth, networking, and continuous learning. By actively participating and contributing to these communities, you're not just advancing your career; you're also shaping the collective knowledge and strength of the professional network. Dive into Spaces now, contribute mindfully, and watch as your career takes new heights.

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