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Why You Should Drop Everything and Join the Braintrust Professional Network.

Annelie Chavez
Annelie Chavez

Braintrust Community Lead

It’s time to buckle up. Because the Braintrust Community is about to take off.

If you’ve followed us for a while then you know how crazy passionate we are about the talent on Braintrust. You also know by now that it’s not your typical talent network either.

It’s a thriving community made up of thousands of the world’s top freelancers and community members who are passionate about BTRST.

To make sure that we could continue to scale, interact, and grow as a community–we have set up a home for the Braintrust Community on the Professional Network.

And today, we’re cranking it up even further and opening up our community to the public!

Looking for a freelance job and to connect with top talent in your industry job? Join the future of work on Professional Network.

Passionate about Web 3, decentralization, and crypto? Join the movement on Professional Network.

Looking to earn BTRST, participate in community governance, and voting on the future of the Braintrust Network? Join the Braintrust Professional Network.

Why Professional Network? And why go public? It’s simple–we did it for you.

We wanted to give you a place where you can be more active, ask more questions, get more support, connect with more people, attend more events, and get more real-time feedback from both our core team and the broader network.

It also gives you access to a whole lot more features.

  • Chat with community members and Braintrust’s Core Team whenever you want
  • Join video conversations with other freelancers across the globe
  • Stay up to date on announcements, community events, and Braintrust happenings

Our Professional Network an upgrade from the Discord server allows you to do all of that, and so much more, on a single platform.

We also did it to get ready for the launch of BTRST token.

Because the Professional Network is native to the Braintrust Platform, it’s going to be easier for us to grow our community and stay connected during the BTRST launch.

And it’s going to help take our events to the next level.

Now that we have the Professional Network, we can host regular Ask Me Anything (AMA) chat sessions and live video hangouts. It allows us to create different channels that can serve as text-based forums for specific topics to connect.

Want to get feedback on your Talent profile? Want to earn BTRST? Want to propose governance ideas?

There is a channel for that.

And because we’re talking about Braintrust, it’s always community built.

We’re always looking for ways to enhance the Braintrust experience. But why limit those changes to what we can come up with ourselves?

That’s why we’re open sourcing the way we build, grow, and develop the server.

For example, right now we’re hosting a design bounty where you can submit custom Braintrust server icon and banner designs to earn BTRST.

We’re also open sourcing ideas on how we can incorporate more bots, gamify the experience, and anything else that might enhance and personalize our community experience.

Ready to join the Professional Network? Here are some channels and categories to get you started.

The Braintrust team is made up of real people just like you who want to help you take ownership of your career. Instead of waiting for an email to arrive from some random person out in the ether, you can get real-time feedback on the Professional Network.

  • #ama is where you can learn from experts in your field in bi-weekly career and upskilling conversations. 
  • #resumereview is where you can go to get help in reviewing your resume immediately and get setup for your next role. 
  • #mentorship is where you can seek career mentors or offer your services 

Excited yet? Just wait. We’re just getting started.

The Braintrust community is always growing and with your help, Braintrust is going to be able to grow right alongside it. I’m here to help facilitate all of that but the best thing you can do is to join and start posting your ideas with specific hastags, collaborating with each other, and actively support the community.

Remember, this entire experience is designed for you–by you. It’s up to the community to give and get what they put out into the ecosystem.

So what are you waiting for?

Join us on the Professional Network today and start connecting with each other, actively participating, and #OWNIT.

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