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Crafting Job Descriptions: Integrating Company Culture and Values

Rana Mohamed
Rana Mohamed

Operations Manager

Finding the ideal candidate for a job requires more than just considering their skills and qualifications. A crucial factor in ensuring long-term success and retention is aligning potential employees with your company's culture and values. In this guide, we will discuss effective ways for employers to incorporate these essential elements into their job descriptions, attracting candidates who are the best fit for your organization's mission.


Why Focus on Company Culture in Hiring?

Understanding Company Culture

In today's recruitment landscape, the term "company culture" has become a buzzword. It encompasses the shared values, behaviors, and traditions that shape an organization. But how does this impact the hiring process?

Hiring for Culture Fit: A Strategic Move

Opting for culture fit during the hiring process guarantees that new additions resonate with the company's fundamental values and mission. This strategy contributes to a more harmonious team dynamic and therefore heightened overall efficiency. The significance of cultural alignment in recruitment cannot be emphasized enough; it nurtures a sense of inclusivity, bolsters employee retention, and mitigates the average cost—according to the US Department of Labor, a staggering 30% of the first year's earnings of a misfit, coupled with lost productivity.

How to Incorporate Company Culture into Job Descriptions 

Painting a Vivid Picture

Your job descriptions should not only list the responsibilities and qualifications but also reflect your organization's personality. By vividly portraying what makes your company unique, you promote hiring for company culture and invite like-minded individuals to apply. You also set the standards for what is expected, and what great looks like at your company through shared organizational values.

Showcasing Values through Responsibilities

When hiring for values, it's essential to translate these abstract principles into concrete responsibilities. For instance, if teamwork is a core value, you can include collaboration in various projects as part of the job role.

Creating a Culture Statement 

Enhance your job descriptions by incorporating a culture statement. If you're yet to establish one, here are the key questions it should address:

  1. What does your company represent?
  2. What is its mission?
  3. What core values do you hold dear?

This succinct addition underscores your commitment to culturally-aligned hiring and can deeply resonate with prospective candidates. Check out Netflix’s culture statement as a reference. 

Tips for Effective Implementation

Engage Current Employees 

Who knows your company culture better than your existing employees? Engage each team that is adding a new member in crafting the job descriptions to ensure an authentic representation of your workplace culture.

Keep It Genuine

Avoid exaggerated or misleading portrayals of your company culture. Being genuine attracts the right candidates and sets realistic expectations for what they can anticipate from working with you and sets them and you up for success.

Use Clear and Engaging Language 

Remember, job descriptions are part of your brand's voice. Use clear and engaging language that reflects your organization's culture and needs. Jade Igwebe, a Braintrust Matcher, best describes clear language: 

“Be very clear on non-negotiables and what are nice to haves.”


General language will attract a wide variety of candidates that may not meet your actual needs and increase your hiring time. Be specific about what is a must. This will help you narrow down your search. It also helps hire for culture fit by providing a sneak peek into the company's daily work life and what success means. 

Still not sure where to start? Check out our getting started with hiring, job description templates and interview questions for dozens of roles now. 

Measuring Success: Hiring for Company Culture

Analyzing Employee Satisfaction

Once you've made a hire, continuously monitor employee satisfaction to ensure that your recruitment strategy aligns with your company's culture and values. You can do this by sending out surveys on a regular basis or implementing a satisfaction tool to automate it!

Then adjust your value and culture statements in future job descriptions to reflect what you learn, and the attributes of the candidates that truly become exceptional at your company.

Adapting to Cultural Shifts 

Company culture isn't static. It evolves with time, especially as you add more people, and so should your approach to hiring for company culture. Stay attuned to internal changes and adapt your recruitment strategy on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.


The Art of Hiring for Values and Culture 

In a competitive job market, standing out requires more than just listing qualifications. Incorporating your company's culture and values into job descriptions can be a game-changer. By focusing on hiring for culture fit and values, you foster a workplace environment where employees feel a sense of purpose and belonging.

Interested in revamping your hiring strategy? Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way in crafting compelling job descriptions that resonate with your unique company culture. Start your hiring today by signing up for FREE now!

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