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Growth Report 13: Good News for Talent… It’s Payback Time.

Braintrust Technology Foundation
Braintrust Technology Foundation

Contributor to Braintrust, the first decentralized talent network.

⏳ The TL;DR.

  • Aggregate average hourly earnings for Talent on Braintrust in June were 14% higher than in Q1 - that’s $91.61/hr compared to $80.50/hr
  • Braintrust posts record high number of jobs in June at 172 (up 80% from May)
  • CRO & Co-founder Gabe Luna-Ostaseski was featured in an interview on Forbes: It’s a Brave New World for Teams Part 2
  • Global Braintrust Talent broaden their work hours - and opportunities - with 92.8% committed to working PST hours

💡 The WYSC (why you should care).

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Braintrust was founded with the dream to change that, and that dream is already coming to life. Clients are hiring like crazy and more global talent are saying they are willing to work the hours that clients require.

It’s the talent matching team’s dream. But Braintrust might need to get a new one before long.

Because opportunity is popping up everywhere.

💸 Client Updates.

There is no such thing as June gloom at Braintrust. Just check out all these improvements the network has seen since May:

  • Total job postings in June were up 80% compared to May, at a total of 172
  • 44 different companies made hires in June, up 29% from May (which, by the way, was the previous record for most companies hiring in a single month. Not anymore!)
  • Client churn was at an all-time low in June. People really love Braintrust!
  • Average Talent earnings per hour were up 16% in June compared to Q1!

And interestingly, the client composition shifted! 45% of companies that hired in June were SMBs (small or midsize businesses), compared to just 25% in May. The bottom line?

Whether you’re a giant corporation or an early-stage startup, summertime (and all the time) is a great time to be on Braintrust.

Braintrust growth report july 8 2021 total jobs
Total jobs on Braintrust over time.

And if you’re looking for a job, there are a TON on Braintrust right now. Here are just a few of the recently added ones.

🦄 Network Growth.

Braintrust growth report july 8 2021 total talent

How the Braintrust network has grown.

And you know how Sales went in June... here's how Talent growth did:

  • 209 new approved Talent added
  • 683 proposals submitted
  • 62 Talent hired

And for the Talent reading this who are looking to get hired, a great thing to help you on your way is to improve your Braintrust profile! Check out the profiles for these Talent who have recently been hired (congrats!) and get some inspo for how they share their story:

📝 Hot Off the Presses.

It’s a Brave New World for Teams and Braintrust CRO & Co-Founder Gabe Luna-Ostaseski has a tip or two up his sleeves about how businesses can find and retain top talent. And not one of them involves kombucha kegs. Get the details from his convo with Forbes Contributor Beau River here.

And speaking of interesting insights from Braintrust founders, do you follow Gabe or Adam on social media? Add/follow them to stay up to date with what’s happening at Braintrust, get insights about the future of work, and stay entertained with pointed zingers like this:
Braintrust growth report july 8 Gabe Linkedin
Check ‘em out:

  • Gabe Luna Ostaseski:  
  • Adam Jackson:  


👪 Community Spotlight.

Where oh where in the world are Braintrust Talent? This week, Braintrust launched a survey to find the answer, and as it turns out… Talent are pretty much everywhere.
Braintrust growth report july 8 2021 Community survey results on time zone
And interestingly, the vast majority are capable of working PST hours.
Braintrust growth report july 8 2021 Talent survey time zone pst work hours
But this wasn’t just an exercise in learning new acronyms - shoutout to you, MIT (Midway Island Time)! This is part of a larger effort to ensure every Talent profile on Braintrust accurately reflects the time zones they are able to work in, which in turn will help maximize their opportunities to get hired.

And for all those companies looking to hire Talent who can work PST or EST hours, look no further than Braintrust. Click here to get started and get matched to qualified Talent within 48 hours.


🏛️ Network Infrastructure.

If you’re a freelancer on Braintrust, you’re probably a do-it-yourself kind of person. A pave your own way, build your own career, take care of your own business person.

And this upcoming Knowledge Base is going to be right up your alley.

The Braintrust Knowledge Base will help you troubleshoot and solve all your most common questions and conundrums in a totally DIY way. It’ll be fast, effective, and totally awesome.

And it’s in design and on high priority to get out to you ASAP. Here’s a peek:
Braintrust growth report july 8 2021 knowledge center mockups
And when Infrastructure isn’t too busy dropping knowledge into support articles for ^, they’re busy:

  • Doing final prep for the Governance Voting Portal
  • Ironing out details on a plan for a new public dashboard (so you can see ALL of the network’s growth stats anytime you want)

💻 Product Improvements.

Clients dig Talent with skills. So if you’re a freelancer on Braintrust… it’s time to show ‘em what you know.

Profiles are getting a huge upgrade, and a big focus for Product here is making sure Talent have every opportunity to showcase their skills, experience, and past projects. Check out this early look at the new personalization capabilities that Talent will enjoy in their profiles:
Braintrust growth report july 8 2021 talent profile customization
Other than that, Product is working on a light, breezy combo of:

  • Optimizing onboarding flows
  • Exploring email-only sign ups
  • Developing the new Talent home page

👤 Braintrust HR + Culture Updates.

Braintrust clients aren’t the only ones hiring. These days, the network has grown so much that the HR + Culture team has practically set a record for most number of hires (but you’ll have to check with Sales to confirm that).

And there’s no sign of stopping - just see what Chief of Staff Anne Muscarella has to say about all this:
Braintrust growth report july 8 2021 anne chief of staff

Help out and check out these incredible opportunities at Braintrust - or refer a friend!

🚩 Weekly challenges and red flags.

  • One of Braintrust’s core values is to move fast with precision. And things are definitely moving fast - the challenge here is for the team to juggle all these moving pieces and really nail the “precision” part. Sometimes that requires taking a hard look at priorities and making sure the ones given bandwidth are the ones that really move the needle.

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