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Braintrust: Connecting Top Talent with Impactful AI Projects

Emma Teng
Emma Teng

Head of Data & AI

Looking for a suitable job opportunity can be quite intimidating, especially in the highly competitive fields of AI and Machine Learning. However, Thiago Dantas and Vatsal Trivedi found their way to Braintrust, connected with exceptional AI projects,  and are helping Braintrust improve recruiting for our growing community of 550K. I want to share their stories and how Braintrust hired them to work on two distinct AI projects: Matching and Moderation.

Thiago's AI Engineer Career Journey

Thiago, a 26-year-old Brazil based AI Engineer, has been on a remarkable career journey. He has worked with renowned organizations, including a big bank in Brazil and an e-commerce company. Thiago even co-founded an AI startup before becoming a freelance AI Engineer for prestigious US companies. His expertise ranges from machine learning models to deep learning, NLP, Computer Vision, and recommendation systems. Additionally, Thiago possesses a unique proficiency in software engineering, including backend development, Cloud, and CI/CD pipelines.


Discovering Braintrust AI

In May 2023, Thiago sought opportunities to work with top-notch US companies. His search led him to Braintrust, a platform that immediately caught his attention due to its transparency and freelancer-centric approach. What excited Thiago the most was setting his own rate & getting all of it - a game-changer for many freelancers.

"What caught my attention in Braintrust was that the platform was very transparent and provided a great experience for the freelancer. The fact that I can set my own rate is huge!”


Excitement about Braintrust AI Opportunities

Thiago found a wealth of exciting opportunities on Braintrust. He was particularly impressed by the platform's matchers, which helped him connect with clients and projects that aligned with his skills and interests. Thiago appreciated the flexibility of working hours, the interesting challenges presented by the company, and the reliability of timely payments. That, combined with working on an impactful project to match talent with fulfilling job opportunities effectively, sealed the deal.

"I think the matchers are great. In my current position, I work with nice people, I have flexible working hours, the challenge the company is trying to solve is interesting, and the company always pays on schedule.”


Comparing Braintrust with Othe Recruiting Platforms

Thiago had also explored other job search platforms like Proxify, Lemonio, and Turing. However, Braintrust stood out due to its transparent fee structure that didn't cut into freelancers' earnings. Thiago advises fellow Braintrust members to persevere, be selective in job applications, and provide comprehensive answers in applications.

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 3.00.06 PM

AI Project at Braintrust

Thiago has been working effortlessly on perfecting our AI matching algorithm – connecting the right talent with the most suitable job opportunities. This model takes various factors into consideration, including job specifics, talent information, application details, and job-talent alignment. Thiago also introduced a new tool called Match Summary to improve communication with clients and talent, explaining why a talent or application is either a good or poor match for a job. This model is built on top of the Smart Matching model and systematically reviews the strongest positive and constructive elements contributing to the match score and explains these factors in plain English, enabling clients to make informed choices and talent to get actionable feedback on what areas to improve in order to get the next opportunity.


Getting Hired Tips from the Pro

"Don't give up." Landing your first job might take some time, but it will be worth it. When using Braintrust for your next gig, consider being selective about the jobs you apply for. Avoid applying to every job you see, and provide thorough answers in your applications,

Thiago says.

Vatsal's ML Engineer Career Journey

Vatsal Trivedi's journey in Computer Science began with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. His fascination with Data Science and Analytics led him to internships in the field. He developed a passion for Software Engineering and Machine Learning, especially in Natural Language Processing. Vatsal's journey included hackathons, internships, and a full-time position at Meta, where he gained extensive ML and Software Engineering exposure. Vatsal is an ML Engineer for Braintrust and Dirac, focusing on content moderation and assembly automation.

Discovering Braintrust ML Opportunities

Vatsal stumbled upon a really interesting job posting on Braintrust for a Content Moderation Engineer role. He was pretty excited about it and decided to check out the platform's features, which he found impressive. So, he went ahead and signed up to take a closer look at the opportunities available. 


The ML Engineer Job Search

With Braintrust's question-answer format, Vatsal was able to easily identify relevant job postings without the need for lengthy cover letters. This streamlined process allowed him to focus on his skills and qualifications, leading him one step closer to finding his dream job.

Comparing Braintrust with Other Recruiting Platforms

Vatsal used platforms like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and CyberCoders in his job search journey. He found LinkedIn to be effective for expanding his network and generating callbacks. However, Braintrust ranked for results, its user-friendly interface, effective application process, and investment in the freelance talent community.

ML Project at Braintrust

Vatsal joined Braintrust in August with a focus on developing and deploying state-of-the-art machine learning models for moderation. He aims to ensure proactive moderation during the content creation flow and effectively detect spam via direct message in order to improve the Career Help experience for every talent member on Braintrust. This effort aims to foster a positive and inviting environment for talent to connect, thrive, and grow earnings and careers through mentorship, resume review, and interview preparation.


Tips from Vatsal on Landing the perfect ML Role

Vatsal advises Braintrust community members to explore the Professional Network and Job listings effectively. Engaging with the community and using Career Help can be valuable strategies for finding the right opportunities, getting your resume and portfolio in the right state, and preparing for interviews.

Want to get started?

Thiago and Vatsal's experiences highlight the potential that Braintrust offers to connect skilled professionals with exciting job opportunities in the field of Artificial Inteligence and Machine Learning to completely rethink recruiting and professional careers in addition to hundreds of opportunities to apply AI and ML across different industries posted daily by our global clients. Whether you're a seasoned AI expert like Thiago or starting out like Vatsal, Braintrust is a valuable resource in your job search journey, with its transparent and freelancer-centric approach. 

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