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What To Post on Social Media During a Pandemic.

Braintrust Technology Foundation
Braintrust Technology Foundation

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Digital marketers have been wondering about whether or not it’s okay to continue posting during a time of content sensitivity. While no one is an expert in marketing through a pandemic, at the end of the day, it comes down to providing value to your online community. If the roles were reversed, what would you expect someone in your situation to do? Do they want to continue seeing your usual content? What would be helpful for them right now? 

Although you might have a new purpose now, and what you post on Instagram might be different, what you post still matters. Because once we overcome these rough times, people will know whom to turn to - YOU. They will trust you because you kept going, you kept providing value, and most importantly, you kept showing up.


1. Talk about it and stay true to your brand voice.

You can acknowledge it by providing a health tip, a relevant, inspiring or motivational quote, sharing what’s going on in your area or commenting on conversations that are most relevant to you.

2. Communicate Business Changes.

Are you changing how you get work done as a result of the virus? When things are unsettled, people look for information. Make sure your website home page and contact information is updated. This is the time to communicate and stay connected. 


3. Choose Your Purpose.

The importance of digital connectivity is currently at an all-time high. Meanwhile, most people open their Instagram for entertainment, you do not have to make all your posts about the virus. You are in control of what you want to post. If you want to spread awareness, post helpful tips. Want to help business owners? Share tips, strategies, or free resources. Want to spread positivity? Share positive and happy content.

4. Help Your Community.

What do they need? What can you do to accommodate those needs? What existing services do you provide that could be helpful? Think about how you can help your customers/clients during this time. This may involve providing a new type of service or offering a special discount. You might not be using social media to “sell” anymore, however, you can still create enjoyable content for your audience.

Get inspired:

Business Consultants: see if you can offer online consultations. 

Instagram post ideas: 

  • -Helpful and relatable quotes

  • -Advertise your online consultations

  • -Promote your free resources. E.g., create a helpful eBook: “5 ways companies should pivot during the COVID-19 crisis” 

  • -Share the stories of your clients/customers

  • -Easy tips and tricks: “How to embrace change?” 

  • -Tips for business owners: “How to use the extra time to pivot and eventually move on to thriving?”

Website/Digital Designers: majority, if not all, of businesses and companies, are pivoting their marketing efforts. Show how you can help them. You can create a “brand revamp” service, offer a discount to support businesses or even set up a graphic design 101 course for small businesses. 

Instagram Post Ideas:

  • -Re-introduce yourself and what you do

  • -Share your work or design inspiration

  • -Share your #WorkFromHomeLife (whether it’s a photo of your desk or home office set-up)

  • -Talk about what you are doing differently due to COVID-19

  • -Before and afters

  • -Client testimonials

(Think about what people can do from the comfort of their home that is relevant to your niche because when this is all over, you and your brand will be on top of their mind.)


Set a Good Example.

This is our new normal. Show in your Instagram post or your Instagram Stories how you are taking care of yourself and others around you. Promote personal hygiene, showcase how physical distancing looks like in your life, share your work-from-home station, your self-care routine and what you do for your mental health.

Pro Tip: take advantage of Instagram’s “Stay Home” and “Thank You Hour” stickers. Any accounts you follow who use these stickers will be added to a shared Instagram story, providing an outlet for people to share and relate while socially isolated).

The power of social media allows people to come together, especially in times of uncertainty and hardship. What steps are you taking to make sure that you are posting intentionally? 

Remember: This is an intense, heart-breaking, and stressful time for many of us. So if you don’t feel like posting on social media at the moment - don’t. Take a break and come back when it feels right for you.

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