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Your Hybrid Policy Isn’t Going to Work. Instead, Try This.

Cody Fisher
Cody Fisher

Braintrust Talent, Writer

Today’s business leaders are scrambling to come up with their company’s new hybrid work policy but they’re in for a rude awakening.

Because this past year and a half didn’t just change the way we worked–it changed what talent want. To find out just how much has changed and what business leaders need to do to adapt, Braintrust surveyed more than 800 knowledge workers.

Here’s what they had to say.

Braintrust Knowledge Work Figure - What talent want

1. “We’re done working in the office.”

6 in 10 knowledge workers today want to work from anywhere. Here’s why they’re looking beyond today’s current work systems to get what they want.

  • HR wants talent back in the office: The message coming from the most influential voices in the corporate world is clear: they want workers back in the office–now.
  • Companies are acting like the pandemic never happened: Most employers are refusing to acknowledge all the ways the pandemic changed work for the better.
  • Talent want to be treated like adults: Despite studies showing that remote work boosts productivity, employers are hung up on old stereotypes about working from home.

Braintrust solves this by:

  • Giving talent the freedom to work from anywhere: Braintrust allows workers to set up shop anywhere while getting access to the world’s leading enterprises.
  • Creating a future that benefits both talent and enterprises: Braintrust matches talent in 48-hours, eliminates high markups, and allows talent to keep 100% of what they earn.
  • Matching talent with employers who trust them: The world’s most forward-thinking enterprises like NASA, Nike, Porsche, and Taskrabbit use Braintrust to build faster.

2. “We want to be our own boss.”

61% of knowledge workers don’t just want to leave the office behind–they want to leave their boss behind. Here’s why today’s current work systems can’t give them what they want.

  • Their boss isn’t going anywhere: Most businesses are built around a century-old system of hierarchy and top-down leadership that isn’t going anywhere.
  • Today’s workplace isn’t flexible enough: Today’s old school business practices and hierarchies don’t allow for flexibility, creativity, and growth.
  • Most jobs are a dead-end. Employees want to grow and be challenged but less and less full-time roles include room for growth.

Braintrust solves this by:

  • Empowering talent to be owners: Braintrust is the world’s first user-owned Talent network–giving talent control over how the network is grown and operated.
  • Giving talent (and enterprises) more flexibility: Braintrust lets talent choose the projects they want, adjust their hours of availability, and set their own rates.
  • Letting talent take control of their career: Braintrust makes it easy for workers to accelerate their career by giving them access to the world’s best job opportunities.

3. “We want more job choices.”

54% of today’s knowledge workers want access to more job opportunities. Here’s why the work systems of today won’t deliver more choices anytime soon.

  • Talent is limited to what’s close: When most companies rely on a physical office location, today’s talent will always be limited to whatever’s within driving distance.
  • Relocating is a pain: The costs and risks associated with relocating often outweigh the potential benefits–especially for those with children.
  • It’s hard to get access to in-demand employers: Getting your foot in the door at top companies is extremely challenging unless you know someone who is already there.

Braintrust solves this by:

  • Giving talent access to hundreds of remote job opportunities: Braintrust gets rid of the commute and gives talent access to the world’s leading remote job opportunities.
  • Freeing up talent to live and work from anywhere: Braintrust puts talent back in control of where they get to live and raise their family.
  • Connecting talent with top enterprises: Braintrust introduces talent to top employers and job opportunities that they wouldn’t have been able access any other way.

4. “We want to choose our own hours.”

47% of knowledge workers want to choose their own hours. Here’s why today’s work systems aren’t going to let them.

  • Most companies don’t want to let go of the 9-5: Few workforces are built to operate outside of the traditional 9-5 even if it means losing quality employees.
  • Employers don’t trust their employees: Most of today’s bosses still believe outdated stereotypes about employees that work from home.
  • Bosses think employees aren’t productive outside of 9-5: Despite study after study showing the opposite, today’s bosses think flex hours results in less output.

Braintrust solves this by:

  • Letting talent set their own hours: Braintrust allows talent to set their own availability so that they only get matched with job opportunities that match their schedule.
  • Connecting talent with enterprises that treat them like adults: Braintrust holds talent to the highest standards which means enterprises can trust them to get the job done.
  • Giving talent more flexibility: Braintrust allows talent and enterprises to work asynchronously so that they can be productive at all hours.

5. “We want more variety.”

36% of knowledge workers want more variety in their jobs. Here’s why they’re not going to find it in the current work systems.

  • One company can only offer so much: Working full-time for a single company limits talent to a smaller pool of opportunities and challenges.
  • Talent can only switch roles so many times: Today’s workers can hope for a promotion or try to switch departments but that can only take them so far.
  • Today’s bosses like specialists: Most companies are built to reward specialists, not intrapreneurs who innovate across departments.

Braintrust solves this by:

  • Letting talent choose new opportunities: Braintrust gives talent access to new job opportunities and unique challenges each week.
  • Connecting talent with new and exciting industries: Braintrust connects talent to exciting new industries that will allow them to learn new skills and mindsets.
  • Creating space for the generalists: Braintrust matches talent with enterprises that are looking for “outside-of-the-box” thinkers who can bring a fresh perspective.

6. “We want to get paid fairly.”

36% of knowledge workers want the ability to set their own salary. Here’s why that won’t happen anytime soon in today’s current work systems.

  • The companies call all the shots: In most workplaces, salary negotiations are controlled by the employer, leaving little room for input from the talent.
  • FTE salaries can only go so high: Because most companies factor in other traditional benefits that they offer, talent salaries always have a ceiling.
  • Other talent platforms overcharge the talent and enterprises that use them: The traditional middlemen of hiring cut into earnings by charging outrageous fees.

Braintrust solves this by:

  • Allowing talent to set their own rates: Braintrust makes pricing 100% transparent so talent can always call the shots and adjust their rates.
  • Empowering talent to make as much as they want: Braintrust allows talent to make as much money as they want.
  • Putting more money in the pockets of talent and enterprises: Braintrust eliminates the middleman completely and allows talent to keep 100% of what they make.

Whether you want to reach your business goals, accelerate innovation, or build faster– Braintrust can help you revolutionize your hiring process and connect you with top talent in 48 hours or less.

Schedule your talent match call today or learn more about what talent want in the Knowledge Work Demand Index.

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