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large_1ef85b8b9793c5bbfc8d0ca3fbe3ae83Christopher Pruijsen is a product manager with 6+ years of remote experience across 100+ software and 4 IoT projects, via US-based agencies and platforms. In addition to his career as a PM, he co-founded an edtech startup and a nonprofit that organized hackathons on buses in Africa (Sterio.me, StartupBus Africa, 2013-15), a software agency as a public benefit corp. (Homies.io, 2017-19) and a platform which enabled teachers in Mexico to crowdfund 130+ projects in their classrooms (Da-Mas.org, 2018-19).

Community Roundtable: Building a Steady Freelance Pipeline
In this roundtable, Christopher Pruijsen will be leading the discussion on building a steady freelance pipeline:
- How to think of pipeline and what are the essential components to consider when one is building their pipeline
- Diversification when seeking opportunities, how to find the right platforms, agencies or agents and how this changes over time
- When on these platforms, how do you land projects and do so consistently
- How to get referrals: who, how, and when to ask for referrals
- The 80/20 rule of impact, and how this plays into the above