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About this Success Kit

Recruiting, onboarding, and integrating remote teams into your workplace is critical to accelerating innovation. It can also be chaotic, time-intensive, and if you’re not careful–slow down your team.


The Remote Onboarding Success Kit gives you everything you need to know to create a repeatable plan to help you build faster. This new era of work requires new processes for effective integration of new hires. Join hundreds of leading innovators who are using the Onboarding Success Kit to accelerate their 2021 goals.


Get immediate access to: 

  • A plug-and-play framework to help you create a simple and repeatable process for onboarding virtual hires.
  • Remote hiring secrets from the leaders of the world’s largest distributed team at Github.
  • Two on-demand webinars on how to build and scale successful remote teams from leaders at Calibra and Gitlab.
  • The five most common mistakes businesses make when it comes to working remotely (and how to avoid them).