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You spent months hard at work to plan, create, and document a new design system. You maybe even worked with an engineer to start coding components. But despite your efforts, your teammates never used the new system — so it failed to take off.

Sound familiar? It’s one of the most common problems we see when working with teams on new design systems — luckily, we know just how to solve it.

In this InVision Talk, Jay Hoffman from Invision's Customer Success Team will introduce real-life tactics to help you ensure your design system is embraced and used, including how to:

- Think about design system users and their processes to find the right approach for your company
- Design, build, and market the design system as a product, aimed at easy implementation and use
- Make decisions about governance and roles to plan for the future
- Align the design system to a shared purpose and vision that will positively impact your entire organization