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About This Webinar

As we continue to adjust to this new reality of #WFH and managing distributed teams, Braintrust is partnering with proven experts to help organizations successfully make the transition from in-office to remote. This on-demand webinar features real-world insights and recommendations from James Everingham, Head of Engineering at Calibra (Facebook)—a veteran remote leader who recently virtualized 30,000 employees.


Meet Our Speakers

James Everingham

James Everingham, Head of Engineering, Calibra

James leads Engineering for Calibra. Previously, James was the Head of Engineering at Instagram. Throughout his 35-year career as a manager, entrepreneur and technology developer, James has led many world-class engineering teams. At Yahoo he was Vice President of Engineering for Yahoo media properties after the company acquired Luminate, an interactive image technology company which he founded. 



Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski

Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski, Co-Founder and CRO, Braintrust

Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski is the Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Braintrust, the first user-controlled talent network that provides enterprises with the highly skilled technical and design talent they need. Prior to founding Braintrust, Gabe co-founded the home improvement marketplace Recently he has consulted, advised, and invested in 30+ Silicon Valley startups.