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The First User-Controlled Talent Network

Ownership in the Braintrust Network is represented by the BTRUST token. 

The token is used as an incentive to reward our community for building the
decentralized network, inviting and vetting talent, referring clients.

Why Braintrust is Unique

Technical and design talent get to do the work that they love, from wherever they want, working on challenging projects with enterprises all over the world.

They keep 100% of the rates they bill, and earn control in Braintrust by referring other talent, organizations or helping with peer-to-peer vetting.

How Do I Earn BTRUST?

It’s easy. Today you can earn tokens by doing things like:

  • Inviting other talented freelancers to the network

  • Inviting employers to hire talent on the network

  • Completing peer-to-peer vetting

Additional token rewards will be added over time. Stay tuned for future updates!

Learn More About How the BTRUST Token Works

Learn More About BTRUST

  • Background

    If you’ve been using the internet for a while, chances are you’ve noticed that some of the most successful companies are “networks.” Social networks, chat, messaging, selling online, email, etc.

    In fact, for investors, “network effect” is a huge indicator for whether or not a business will become successful.

    Network effect is defined as, “a phenomenon whereby a product or service gains additional value as more people use it.”

    Freelancer networks have tremendous capability to create value. But, we found that the existing freelancer networks have been operating with models that aren’t very good for the freelancer, the Job Poster, or both.

    Here is a great article by Chris Dixon of A16Z Crypto about how this new way of organizing people through tokenized networks is a business model breakthrough.

  • Why Braintrust is unique
  • Why use a cryptocurrency token?
  • What BTRUST is NOT
  • How do I earn BTRUST?
  • What is BTRUST used for?
  • What is BTRUST NOT used for?

The Braintrust Token is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain network by the Braintrust Technology Foundation, a nonprofit foundation. Braintrust Tokens do not represent any right to or claim on the Braintrust network or any other person or entity, and has been adopted by the Braintrust network and users for various activities on the network only, such as for staking, governance, voting and payment purposes. Braintrust Tokens are currently anticipated to be publicly released later this year.

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Thanks for joining Braintrust!

We're in private beta mode right now which means we're hand-curating talent and bringing new clients on one-by-one.

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