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How do I use BTRUST?

Redeem tokens for special perks created exclusively for the Braintrust community such as free and discounted software, products, career resources, and community perks. And we're continually adding new ways for Talent to use BTRUST, so you'll always have options. 


How do I earn BTRUST?

It’s easy. Today you can earn tokens by:

  • Inviting other freelancers to the network
  • Inviting employers to hire talent on the network
  • Completing peer-to-peer vetting
  • Additional token rewards will be added over time. Stay tuned for future updates!
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If you’ve been using the internet for a while, chances are you’ve noticed that some of the most successful companies are “networks.” Social networks, chat, messaging, selling online, email, etc.

In fact, for investors, “network effect” is a huge indicator for whether or not a business will become successful.

Network effect is defined as, “a phenomenon whereby a product or service gains additional value as more people use it.”

Freelancer networks have tremendous capability to create value. But, we found that the existing freelancer networks have been operating with models that aren’t very good for the freelancer, the Job Poster, or both.

Here is a great article by Chris Dixon of A16Z Crypto about how this new way of organizing people through tokenized networks is a business model breakthrough.

Why Braintrust is unique

We realized that if we built a freelancer network, the platform could be relatively self-sufficient.

Most of the value in a freelancer network resides in the talented people that perform the work. So, instead of creating a “traditional” company that keeps all of the profit, why not reward the people that really create the value?

The Braintrust platform works for its users, which means the fees on this platform will be the lowest in the industry. Profits stay where they belong, with the talented people doing the work.

Why use a cryptocurrency token?

By using blockchain, it allows us to give tokens to people who help the network grow and succeed, without a lot of the drawbacks that come with traditional stock based company structures.

Blockchain also keeps the tokens clear and secure. If you own tokens, they are yours until you use or sell them.

By granting tokens to the members, freelancers and job posters are empowered to shape the future of the network.

What BTRUST is not

BTRUST is not a payment system. When you do work (or hire others) on Braintrust, you will transact in normal, fiat currencies like USD or EUR.

How do I earn BTRUST? 

It’s easy. Today you earn tokens by doing things like setting up your account, or inviting people to the network. You can invite freelancers, whether they are seasoned veterans, or brand new to freelancing. You can even invite agencies.

You can earn rewards by bringing your clients onto the Braintrust network. Your client relationships are important to us. So, there are features and tools which help you keep and grow your existing client relationships.

In the future, more token rewards will be added. Keep checking back, as new rewards will be added all the time.

What is BTRUST is used for ?

Network users will be able to use tokens to help their projects or proposals stand out. For instance, freelancers can use tokens as a “stake” to showcase their willingness and capability to do the job well, making their bid more likely to get noticed.

Job Posters can promote their projects to get prominent placement and help them find great talent quickly.

What is BTRUST not used for ?

BTRUST is not a payment layer. USD and other foreign currencies work just fine for now.