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About the Node Program

Why become a Node

Braintrust is redefining the agency experience, leading to deeper transparency, increased collaboration among agencies and a flatter engagement structure.

  • Future-proof your business

    Pay the 10% network fees with your revenue, earn BTRST at a 20% discount, investing in your agency for long-term success.

  • Access thousands of vetted talent

    Fill more jobs with thousands of vetted talent accessible on Braintrust eager to work on your interesting projects.

  • Increase revenue, without sales or marketing

    Get access to a constant firehose of new clients and revenue opportunities, thanks to the brand power of Braintrust.

Why refer a Node

The community is launching a competition to reward those who drive agencies to become new nodes on Braintrust, with the goal of adding $60M GSV in 2022.

  • Earn BTRST

    One winner will be selected each month of the competition, receiving 1% of total node GSV contributions in BTRST (up to $10k).

  • Expanded job opportunities

    Get even more access to high-paying jobs from top clients in more industries and expanded geographies like Europe, Africa and Asia.

  • More fees converted to BTRST, more value for you

    10% of each node's GSV is converted to BTRST, and send to the Braintrust DAO to fund community programs.

Is your agency a good fit?


If you’re interested in joining Braintrust to build the
playbook for the Web3 Agency, here’s who we are looking for.


$10M+ GSV projected in 2022


Ability to fill 10+ roles per month


Talent expertise in software engineering, design and product


Specialize in an industry or geographic region

How do I refer a Node?

Reach out to teams and agencies that fit the criteria listed above and invite them to join the Braintrust network as a Node. Value for the agency can be found above, along with sharing this article with them which may be helpful. When they apply, make sure your referee puts your email address down as their referral in their node application. This is how you will be contacted for the competition.

What are the competition dates?

The competition will run through the rest of Braintrust’s fiscal year. Official competition dates are February 23, 2022 to January 31, 2023.

How are winners selected?

The winner is selected based on the highest GSV driven from a Node they referred that month.

How frequently are winners selected?

One winner is selected for each month of the competition, starting in March 2022 if a new node has applied, onboarded and run GSV through the network by then.

What are the prizes?

Winners will receive 1% of total node GSV contributions in BTRST (up to $10k).