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Community roundtable

Community roundtable: codewetrust

Meet Our Speaker


Braintrust Community Roundtable for Engineers and Developers, hosted by CodeWeTrust Co-Founder and CTO and Braintrust talent, Costas Voliotis.


CodeWeTrust provides a complete evaluation of your software and code: tech stack analysis, code reviews, security analysis, license compliance and reporting. A great tool for engineering managers, individual developers, and tech talents looking to evaluate new teams they are about to join.

Developer use cases include:
- Get an overview of the codebase status -- what was the status of the codebase before joining the team?
- Use the results to prioritize bug fixes, ask for assistance from the manager, explain reasons for delays
- Prevent security breaches (the code risk feature is CodeWeTrust's own design, not offered by other tools)
- Decide on depreciation of old parts of the code
- Use as a quick full codebase-checkup
- Choose dedicated scanners for your CI/CD pipeline