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We are transforming hiring to remove 95% of the time, cost, and effort to hire top talent


Braintrust AIR

Traditional way

Create job description
3 mins
1-5 days
Source candidates
Instant - 24 hours
1-6 weeks
Screen resumes
5 mins - 1 hour
10-50 hours
1-5 days
4-8 weeks
Hire & onboard
Manual & complicated
Manage & pay
Easy & inexpensive
Difficult & expensive
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Elevate hiring into a seamless experience

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AI job description

Automatically generate compelling job postings with AI and attract top talent effortlessly
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AI candidate

Our AI Matching Engine scans 800,000+ talent members globally to find the top 5 candidates for your role instantly
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Async AI interviews & grading

AI conducts and grades video interviews, providing a scorecard to make fast, informed hiring decisions
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The fix for our broken hiring system is finally here. Using rigorously trained AI, we are reducing the friction of finding your next job the way forever changed how you book travel.

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"I witnessed the future of job interviews."


"Designed to handle everything from sourcing candidates and sifting through submitted applications, to even interviewing the candidates themselves."


"AIR crunches a screening process that normally takes hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars into 'zero dollars in 24 hours.'"


"Braintrust aims to redefine the hiring landscape with this cutting-edge solution."

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