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How Stanley Black & Decker Hired Silicon Valley Talent Without Silicon Valley Prices.

Gabe Luna-Ostaseski
Gabe Luna-Ostaseski


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The challenge.

Stanley Black & Decker moved to Silicon Valley to get access to the local tech talent they needed to launch a new innovation business called Stanley X. To prove its concept, Stanley X’s President, Mike Keogh, needed to deliver an MVP fast.

But when COVID-19 put an end to the traditional workplace and they struggled to compete against the local tech giants for talent, they were forced to come up with a new way to build or risk spending the bulk of their budget trying to relocate their team.


The obstacles.

Like a lot of enterprises, Stanley Black & Decker wanted to use local Silicon Valley talent to accelerate their growth and reach their business goals faster. Once they moved there though, they realized that they needed to come up with a way to solve these three major problems.

1: Local tech giants blocked them from getting the talent they needed.

As the new kid on the Silicon Valley block, hiring new talent meant having to go toe-to-toe with the leading tech giants–something they weren’t prepared to do.

2: Relocating talent was costly and cumbersome.

Few people were willing to uproot their lives and move to Silicon Valley. For the ones who did, they had to pay them 40% more–plus cover the expenses of moving them across the country.

3: Outside agencies weren’t getting the job done.

They tried to use outside agencies to source talent but none of them could give them access to the quality of tech talent they needed to succeed.

The outcome.

To see how Mike and his team got access to Silicon Valley talent without Silicon Valley prices, click here.

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